Sunday, July 3, 2011

{homemade tents = happiness}

I remember making tents with my sisters when I was growing up.
Something about a homemade tent in the living room is just happy.
I was totally happy when I got home on Friday to see this masterpiece . . .

India and her friends are genius!
Our tents were typically smallish.  Mine were particularly small because I didn't like to take them apart and put the blankets away so I thought in advance: smaller tent = smaller clean-up.  
Lazy of me.  This would've been so worth it.

That India is one creative girl.  
 Blankets, chairs, yarn and safety pins = a tent masterpiece.
It was even bigger and better but I didn't take pictures until Saturday morning after they had begun to disassemble.  Talented tent makers AND responsible cleaner-uppers!

I adore these precious girls!

Happy summertime memories in a tent to last a lifetime.

Happy 4th of July week!  There's still time to enter.


Jill said...

My kids LOVE making tents! I surprised them one night before we moved when they were making one and I offered to help. Haha! (I never offered before.) They thought I was amazing! It was so much fun!

tkfonzie said...

Isn't it nice to see that some things never change? You don't need alot of fancy stuff to be entertained:).