Friday, July 15, 2011

{smitten with a lovely shade of blue}

I can't get enough of this color.  
I'm pretty much a pink-loving kind of girl but lately this color has me smitten.

I decided to try and get my fix by knitting a sweater for my darling niece in this beautiful color.
It didn't work and I'm still so smitten.

The sweater is finished.  I didn't get enough of the color.  

It's a bit big for this tiny girl.  Maybe she'll grow?  
She can make anything - even homemade things - look pretty good.  
On her, I'm thinking it might get an upgrade from "homemade" to the coveted "handcrafted" look. 

Now, I'm obsessing about these lovely creations.

We've been using the same dishes we received as a wedding gift almost 22 years ago.  
There are no *gasps* with that statement.  It's just a fact.  No one cares what dishes we use . . . except us. 
Another fact: We never chose their pattern or any pattern.  We were grateful for the gift.  Actually, we received 4 sets of dishes.  None of them matched so we took them all to Wal-mart and got 4 of whatever they had to create a large set.  Very practical.

22 years later, Sir Thomas and I have begun dreaming of dishes.  22 years makes people old and weird like that. We're dreaming of the kind that we go pick out, discuss multiple times, dream of, save for. . . and maybe someday own.  But, is this them?  Will we be tired of them before the next 22 years roll around?  Hmmmm.  
What do you think?


Jill said...

I have to agree... that is a great color and London looks so cute in that sweater! I still can't believe you made it. About the dishes- I doubt you'll get tired of them, they're so pretty and fun! I say, buy what you like.

Monica said...

Beautiful color to surround yourself with! I say go for those fantastic dishes and let tomorrow (or 10 yrs from now) take care of itself. It's ok to have dishes for less than 22 years. ;) Btw, I think London loves your new color, too!

LetMeRead said...

Blue is a much nicer color than pink. lol

Ryan & Kayla LeBaron said...

Love love love the color! Go with the dishes. Like Monica said...if you don't like them in 10 years it gives you an excuse to buy a new set and pass these little beauties on to your kids. =)

Sarah Lunt said...

That is my favorite I'm offended. haha ;-) I say buy the dishes!!! The sweater is tooo precious!