Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Ugh! family pictures should be a sport}

Ugh!  Seriously, taking family pictures should be a sport.  I think I'd get a gold medal.

So, Landon wasn't feeling the best but he needed to get up a little AND it would be so nice if we could take a family picture for our Christmas cards . . .
Apparently pictures are beyond horribly painful.  He decided to play semi-dead.
Not good enough!  I can still dress him.

A little Landon update . . . 
We returned to the medical clinic for a check-up this morning.  He still has a terrible headache, aches all over and gets nauseous when he gets up.  It's actually good news!  I'm so thankful!!
He is living light for the next two weeks.  Of course there will be no snowboarding, gymnastics, swimming, video games, driving, running, weight lifting, - what am I forgetting? - for a couple of weeks and until he gets released from the doctor back home.
See you soon Chris!!  How we LOVE our doctor!

So happy we aren't required to stay here until Christmas!  It's nice and all but not that nice!

I'm trying to think of all the other things I'll have to remind him not to do.  I expect he'll get creative before he gets cleared. The doctor said he is only allowed to do a light load of schoolwork for two weeks as well - I'm sure he'll remember that one!
Later this afternoon, I got busy helping Landon get ready for the pictures.  
As usual, the socks and shoes were the hardest part.  In the end, I won.
Everyone in the elevator . . . fingers crossed.
Turns out, its a team sport - a relay - and Sir Thomas was up. 
He got permission to set up on the outdoor skating rink.  And he was minus skates.
Yes, I was nervous.  Please, no more injuries.

It was super cold.  Landon didn't feel great - understandably and sympathetically - but we tried.
A little like hidden pictures and Where's Waldo?  They all got in somewhere every time.
Sir Thomas would set the timer and run to jump in!  Please, NO injuries!

A little sad that Landon wasn't his usual funny-guy self but I'm not complaining!
In the end, he came back to life and kicked snow all over me!  My happy moment!
We were all together, it was fun and nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't cure.



I think snow always looks so good in family photos :)

Kayla and Josh said...

Love the photos! They turned out fabulous! Love YOUR guts!

Keaton said...

Umm actually I through all that snow in the air... MY hands were the ones that got frozen from it, so I believe I should get the credit:)

P.S. Story topped;)

Holly said...

They are wonderful photos! and I loved our Christmas Card thank you thank you OOO how we miss you guys!!