Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{cheap skates}

Education Week with Keaton is pretty amazing . . .

. . . but we took a little time away from classes for some fun.  Gotta love these cheap skates!
$2.50 worth of amazing ice skating fun!  There's an ice skating rink that offers an hour of ice skating - including the skate rentals - on Wednesdays for $2.50.  Since we're cheap skates we had to go!

  The best part?  These guys were our host . . .
You may not recognize them but we do - and we love them!  Tanner Ricks and Nick Lauritzen.

Two years ago:
Elder Ricks and Elder Lauritzen were the first to live in our little backyard apartment.
The above picture was taken when Sir Thomas, Nolan and Keaton were at Philmont.
I went to Education Week at BYU before they got home.
Nolan left for his mission just a few weeks later.

Today - Two years later:
Tanner and Nick are home in Utah and we are now visiting them.
Sir Thomas, Keaton and Landon just returned from Philmont.
I left for Education Week at BYU before they got home.
Nolan will be coming home from his mission in a few weeks.

For added fun:
Look how much these kids have grown.
Compare Landon in the above picture to his Philmont picture from yesterday's post.
What will Nolan think?