Thursday, May 10, 2012

{100 days and counting}

February 1st was 100 days ago.  A lot of things can happen in 100 days.  
We've had some happy times and very sad moments but I made a goal 100 days ago and today I'm celebrating success.

Have you ever set a 100 day goal?  It's a really great thing.  
I recommend finding a little inspiration and giving it a try.

Among other things, in the last 100 days we . . .

 . . . celebrated Keaton's 18th birthday on February 25th.

He has the best friends and they came over to save him from all his homework and host a little impromptu party.

Birthday's aren't fun without some laughs. Sir Thomas caught a pigeon for our birthday boy. . .
 . . . doesn't every 18 year old want a pigeon?  {The bird was not injured and was quickly released.}

March 20th brought India's 13th birthday!

She received some special attention!

 It was the year of many, many wishes!  All our guys wanted to light the candles . . .

. . . and blow them out . . .
. . . again . . .
 . . . and again . . .
. . . and again!  I didn't think the poor girl would ever get to make her wish.
I think they made enough wishes to last the rest of their lives!

March also brought such sadness. My mother-in-law, sweet Laura, had a massive stroke and she couldn't get well. We lost her and our hearts were so sad.  They are still sad.  The blessing was seeing Thomas' wonderful siblings all together.

Sweet Laura was "the salt of the earth" - everyone says so. She was the best example of charity and never-ending love.  She also had a lively, colorful personality that we'll never forget.

We also continued to miss Nolan who is off at school.  {Personally, I think he needs to send me some pictures.}  He left December 31st and I haven't seen him all year!  We're looking forward to July.

During the last 100 days we also had a little fun . . .

I think it's been a wonderful 100 days.

January had been a blur for me.  I spent every spare moment during the entire month making online scrapbooks. :/  I had previously purchased "credits" with an online company and they were about to expire! Loose my money?  I thought not so I accepted my consequences, worked like a mad woman, and have some great scrapbooks to enjoy.  I also learned a valuable lesson: never invest money in good intentions. 

February 1st was a new day and felt like the first of the year!  I was ready for something new.  I have made 100 day goals in the past and they have worked for me so I decided to try it again.  

I started exercising and don't plan to stop! I started my exercise program with Chalene Johnson's "Chalean Extreme" because weight lifting is so important to prevent osteoporosis. Weights were a must three days a week and I mixed up the other three days to make it interesting. It isn't about looking perfect - because I definitely DON'T but more about keeping a commitment to myself.

I have two amazing friends that are such examples to me.  I didn't ask permission to mention them on my blog but their names start with Cherie and Noma.  On May 23rd of this month they will celebrate 30 years of exercise - walking - together through all those years.  They are incredible women and I think the discipline required to exercise together for 30 years is the same discipline that has molded them into the amazing examples they are in every aspect of their lives.

Cherie told me she read an article 30 years ago that inspired her.  She's never forgotten one statement that inspired her to start walking, "You can take the time now or loose the time later."

I've been inspired and that's my plan!  I'll continue to exercise 6 days a week because I've proven that I can make it a priority through anything.  I really want the time later.  
Anyone interested in becoming a 30-year exercise partner?? :)

The next step is learning to eat healthy.  100 days and counting.

Need more ideas to get started??  You can do ANYTHING you want to do.  Skies the limit.
Nolan set a goal when he was 10 years old to read the Book of Mormon for 100 days.  It was a tough goal for a little guy but he did it.  One day at a time.  It's been 12 years since he set that goal and he's still going strong.  He's a huge inspiration to me as are each of my children.  They've all set goals and worked so hard to accomplish them and I'm just trying to keep up.  

Please let me know what goals you set!  I need all the inspiration I can get.



100 days of exercise!!! that rocks.
I am inspired.

Beth Durtschi Moore said...

So proud of you! You look great!!! : )

Carlia said...

what an eventful 100 days!

first off, i am so sorry for your loss. my heart goes out to all of you!

secondly, how on earth are those kids already 18 & 13?!? time is going by too quickly!

finally, you are one hot mama! you are my inspiration. i wish we lived closer, so i could be your workout partner. oh, and your arms are crazy toned!

Janene said...

SUCH a great post! I loved everything about it. You and your entire family look gorg through and through. Exercising 6x week? You're killing me... ;-)