Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!

Welcome to our world! I'm feeling BRAVE - or insane - and am excited about our blog. My incredible sister Cari is responsible (for good or bad, better or worse) and we have now officially ARRIVED. We have a blog site! How do all of you people do this?? I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but for now, we will hold on with both hands and enjoy the ride. Cari is wonderful and I appreciate her help (truth be told - doing the WHOLE thing) and is absolutely in the running to be the favorite sister!!!! Meanwhile, I am in the learning process. . .

Thomas is THE most wonderful man in the whole world and we look forward to celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this September. 20 years is equivalent to FOREVER in most minds and the fact that he has survived me proves my point!!! Everyone who knows him, loves him and he is the reason for my very, happy life. Life has been full of ups and downs and happily the "ups" have continued to come and we will try to chronicle many of them here in the future. We are the parents of the fab four mentioned below and they are responsible for a lot of fun in our lives.

Nolan is 18 and already attending college. Crazy how little boys become men when we blink. I can't imagine a better eldest son. He is handsome, intelligent, kind and has an incredible desire to do what is right. Nolan never meets a stranger and no one has ever loved me more than he does. He has made it easier to raise the rest of our fabulous children. Always thoughtful, he has often made me breakfast and calls before he comes home. He is obedience personified and his siblings are following in his footsteps. He has a great sense of humor and is always inventing things. I could use a dose of his creativity!

Keaton is 15 and full of life. He has a magnetic personality and is tons of fun to be around. I would love to have his quick wit and sense of humor for just one day. He loves to tackle the unique and can juggle, walk on his hands, ride a unicycle, and solve the 3x3, 4x4 & 5x5 Rubix's cubes amoung other astounding circus type feats. He is handsome and intelligent like his brother (they all are!) and has had just about every pet imaginable. I have learned about everything from owls, squirrels, and snakes to the recovery process of an Achilles Tendon repair while raising Keaton and I've loved every minute.

Landon is 13 and all boy - and I'm so glad. He is obviously handsome and intelligent and loves practical jokes, all things funny, and playing rough. He has never ruined a good picture by being serious and is very laid back. He eats left-overs cold, doesn't worry about his clothes, and is a loyal friend to all. He loves to wrestle anyone and everyone regardless of age or size and is the toughest kid I've seen. He is fun to be with and so selfless. He is persistent and has worked to overcome anything that gets in his way. I have learned to be more fun while raising him and am proud of myself for surviving his first few years because he lived large!

India will be 10 on Friday! (March 20 - all of my kids will be in the double digits!!!) She's quite the beautiful princess and the sweetest little girl I've ever known. Its wonderful to have a girlfriend in the house and she is so full of life. I have learned to be more compassionate and loving through her example. She is so friendly and loves everyone and everything. Due to her cheerfulness and compassion, she also loves to take care of everyone and everything. It is fun to see her making jewelry or other crafts and sharing them with others. The love of her life is her little 3 lb. 11 oz. Pomeranian, Raja, and life is good for both girl and dog.

Obviously, life is not perfect, however, it is a wonderful life! We are excited to attempt this endeavor and ask you to wish us lots of luck!