Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{my blog and distractions}

It's Spring Break and I had BIG plans! 
The week is not over and I still have hope. 
My internet was having technical difficulties until late last night.  (*sigh* Sir Thomas is my hero!)
 I'm just now getting to blog for the first time this week. 

One of my BIG plans was "operating" on my blog.  
I still need to learn how to do so many things! 
Not to mention, I want it to look really great!

Some of the distractions:
1. NO internet
2. Cute kids
3. Pesky pets

India is a #2.  She's abetting a #3.

Can you see why we are distracted?  Raja is TOO cute and India is smitten.
She would much rather attend to Raja than anything on my list!
(I actually sympathize.)

Rambo is NOT my dog.  He is a #3 and belongs to Keaton.  
My problem?  He wants to be a lap dog - my lap dog.

How I wish I had crazy photo-editting talent.  Can't you picture me with Rambo in a cute cozy around my neck like India and Raja?!?!?

Rambo thinks he is like Raja.  Dog = Dog
He stays under my feet, keeps his head in my lap, and begs for attention.
Blogland impressions of me are important so I included the pictures of me smiling . . . making him look endearing.  Rambo, please go find your boy now.

Problem #1 has been corrected and I hope #2 & #3 are willing to cooperate! :)
My fingers are crossed!

{missionary moments}

We love having the missionaries live behind our home!  
I could create and entire "missionary moments" blog 
. . . and it would be AMAZING!
This post is not just about our backyard missionaries.  There are three sets of "elders" living in our area along with another great companionship living in Orange.  
These are real people with real birthdays so we like to celebrate! 

Saturday, March 5, was Elder Orndorff's birthday (pictured on the right).
His companion, Elder Kemp's birthday was Monday, February 28.

How cool is that?!  Birthdays in the same week!
Saturday morning, March 5, was Birthday Breakfast time!

These are not "our" backyard missionaries but we're so glad they come over anyway!

(Everyone has to love the inflatable birthday cake!) 

Such a great group of guys!  We count our blessings that they not only tolerate Rambo but seem to like him!

Not everything went exactly as scheduled.  Sir Thomas created a delicious breakfast quiche . . . which wasn't ready on time.  :(   Never fear!  I served store bought pastries for "First Breakfast."  Does that make me a REALLY BAD hostess or just a BAD hostess?

I should clarify.  If I had my own cooking show I would title it: "The Distracted Chef". 
I get terribly distracted when I cook.  I always intend to come right back . . .
Sadly, I have found myself exercising and wondering what was burning.  Dinner!?  I ONLY left for a moment to start a load of laundry.  HOW did I manage to end up exercising while the food burned?

So, India presented them her precious handmade cards.  Then, we sent them off to be missionaries while we got everything ready for "Second Breakfast" . . . to be served around the time of a traditional lunch. ;)

While the quiche finished cooking, I made myself STAY in the kitchen to make cookies.  I'd been promising Keaton some homemade oreos and this appeared to be a great day to make them.  
Homemade Oreos are my kid's favorite!  
I should make them more often.
I always make the UGLY kind but my darling friend, Janene, rolls hers out so they're PRETTY. 

Who doesn't want to be like Janene??  Exactly!  
I rolled my cookies.
(You can visit her lovely blog and make her cookies: Super Yummy Homemade Oreos)
(P.S. She's currently on vacation and I didn't get permission first but I'm really excited because this is the first time I've copied a link!!!  I feel successful!)

This blog is probably too long anyway so I won't post ALL the pictures from "Second Breakfast" but at least these guys didn't complain!

Happy Birthday Kemp & Orndorff!  I hope your wishes come true!

Some days I feel really lousy.  
No, Saturday wasn't perfect.  I served homemade cookies instead of homemade cheesecake.  
Check out the styrofoam cups!  Nice.  
I'll never be a diva! 
"First Breakfast" was a bit of a disaster, 
thankfully we had enough salsa to garnish the quiche for "Second Breakfast."  :)
Yet, it's still a really great life and these guys are so amazing!  I thank them for showing up, smiling, and always coming back for more of our craziness.  
If missionaries knock on your door . . . let them in!