Friday, March 11, 2011

{just my luck}

Today was my lucky day!

I got to spend my day with these BEAUTIFUL ladies . . .

As well as these BEAUTIFUL ladies . . .

Jealous???  That's what I expected.  Sorry!
I'm just lucky like that.
I don't always have perfect luck . . . I only had my iPhone camera (and they still look gorgeous!).

What did we do?
Just boring things like make-up counters, shoe department, clothes, lots of laughs, made plans for the BALL . . . picked up a few books to help with our upcoming trip.  Nothing too interesting so I hope you aren't feeling left out.  We really wish you'd been there.

India's 12th birthday will pretty much be FANTASTIC after shopping today.  She's getting some REALLY great stuff.  I know because Kelly & Rachel helped me find the PERFECT gifts.  (They also kept India entertained so I could make the purchases!)  

It was SOOOOO fun!

I did promise to show you what my sweet Laura gave me yesterday . . .

Isn't it beautiful!  I LOVE crystal bowls. :)

She actually gave me TWO!  The second non-identical bowl is also beautiful! I even took lovely pictures of them together.  As luck would have it, I ran out of space for pictures in Blogosphere.  I have no idea if I can delete extra pictures but I did purchase MORE space!  Guess what!  Luck . . . it "may not be available for 24 hours."  Apparently, they were serious and I'm out of space.  You will have to come back to see the lovely pair.  Laura is ever-so sweet and thoughtful.  I'm so glad she thought of me when she wanted to give them a new home.  She claims she wasn't using them . . . I will!  What should I serve in them first?

{an eclectic day}

Here I am posting about my day after midnight!

Thursday was nothing like what I had planned but it was still a great day.  My blog still looks the same (and so does my house).  Sometimes life gives us something better.  That was a tough lesson for me to learn. 

 Many years ago, I was a very busy girl with three little boys and big ideas.  I had a sweet friend and her children who would visit us EVERY afternoon.  Their visits coincided with Nolan's homework, cooking dinner and a myriad of to-dos.  It's embarrassing to admit but I NEVER stopped for their daily visits.  I was happy to see them and would visit with my friend while I continued with my tasks.  She would follow me around my house or sit and visit as I worked on whatever I was doing.  What was I thinking??  (I previously mentioned I'd never be a Hostessing Diva.  Please don't act surprised by my behavior.)

Then, I got sick.  I got really sick and was in a lot of pain.  By the end of the day, I was often wheelchair bound and in tears.  My friend and her children came to visit one afternoon after I had begun to get better.  I sat in the living room and as we began to visit she said, "Now you HAVE to sit and visit with me."  OUCH!  I deserved that!  She has since moved away.  What a dear friend to teach me a lesson I've never forgotten.

Time is the great equalizer.  Regardless of health, wealth, or interest it is the one thing in life that will always be fair - everyone has 24 hours in a day.

Today my mother-in-law, sweet Laura, came to visit - ALL day and she's staying the night!
I'm glad I changed my plans.  We visited!  We went to the Resale Shop!  We even stopped to visit with my mom and sister while we were out!  We had visitors for lunch!  (It got crazy so she went and sat by the pool.)  Too bad I didn't get more pictures!

The missionaries stopped by and shared our LEGENDARY "Mickey Sandwiches".  Six missionaries added to my crazy crowd is always a party!

I'm definitely not a hostessing diva.  I didn't care when my sweet India brought out snowman plates . . . in March.

It's been a FABULOUS day!  We had more visitors drop by this evening and I was thinking - it's ALL GOOD.  Tomorrow, I'll show you what my sweet Laura brought me!