Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slow & Incompetent . . .

It's true.  I'm slow and incompetent when it comes to blogs!  I want to update my blog and have spent hours just trying to get a new background.  Even after successfully seeing the new background appear . . . it disappears!  Perhaps blogging doesn't think I'm enough fun to keep around. Sigh.

I often think in blogs as opposed to musicals, which used to be normal for me!  (I wonder if anyone else speaks to themselves with a British accent straight from Lady Jane's Pride & Prejudice?) Sadly, when I begin to post a new adventure I become discouraged because . . . I'm incompetent. I need some serious blog tutoring!  It doesn't appear to be that hard, alas, I fail in my quest.  This time, I will not fail!  I will post and I will call my dear sisters - all 8 if I must - to get HELP!

My children are growing and I will need my blog when I am old to remember how much FUN they were!  I have man-teens now, a lovely soon-to-be-12 year-old princess and a real man-child!  Nolan is 20!  Sir Thomas is still the love of my life and I don't want to forget that either!  In spite of being slow and incompetent, I am HAPPY and life is oh, so GOOD.

P.S.  My blog and my computer aren't communicating tonight. :(  My blogsite isn't looking hard enough to find the picture I uploaded for this blog.  So I am a bit boring . . . and incompetent!