Monday, April 4, 2011

{my favorite weekend}

My least favorite weekend of the year comes with the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.
I don't like to lose an hours sleep!
Lucky us!  We got to experience it TWICE!
England did not change the date for British Summer Time when the U.S. decided to change and begin Daylight Savings Time two weeks earlier and end two weeks later.
Yep, it was fun.

The good news . . . I also have a FAVORITE weekend!
(actually two of them)
I LOVE watching General Conference on the first weekends of April and October.

I feel like a new person!

This year was no exception.  All the talks were uplifting and inspirational.  I'm so glad I was able to spend the weekend with my family as we were uplifted and counseled by living prophets.
I definitely feel inspired to be of greater service,
tell people how much I love them,
be humble and work on my weaknesses.

I'm actually really excited to start listening to the talks again.

We started the best tradition a couple of years ago . . .
"Conference Breakfast"
The missionaries are part of this tradition.
They are so nice to go with us to a big buffet breakfast.

Jenkins & Kemp

Axtell & Kaufusi

Smith & Reed

We always take quite a crowd, but it's more fun this way!

 Breakfast was wonderful . . . many, many thanks to the kind people at Golden Corral for cooking AND doing the dishes.

Concerning Daylight Savings Time, once I get adjusted to the change, I actually really like it.  I guess I just want to whine sometimes.

Last, I expect to see quite a few new clocks on the market after hearing the sweet sentiments of Elder Richard G. Scott.  Years ago, he wrote his wife a note saying, "It's time I tell you I love you."  She put it in her kitchen clock where it has stayed for many years.  Etsy will probably be a mecca for such fabulous finds.  I'm hoping to get creative and make one myself because I love it!  I also want to give them to everyone I know.  
He's right, it is time that I tell you . . . I do love you!