Thursday, March 24, 2011

{on holiday - stonehenge}

We're here!  Sir Thomas is the bravest man in the world.  We rented a car for the the first few days of our holiday - scary.  With no intentions of driving in London, we thought we would enjoy the English countryside.  Roundabouts are not my favorite.  By the way, they are the predominant choice of British engineers.  Driving on the WRONG side of the road is CRAZY.

We are learning a new language!  The "free-O-free" appears as "303" on roadside signs, "straight on" is the beginning of many sentences, and apparently we are the ONLY people who do not smoke although we have been approached by a very nice young man wanting to know if we had any"ciggys."

So, first stop was Stonehenge!
I forgot the cord that allows my camera to converse with my computer so we are using the iPhone pics for blogging while on holiday.  (Guess I'll have to post more after our holiday!)

 Following Stonehenge, we visited the beautiful cathedral in Salisbury.  Sadly, it was a bit dark for iPhone photos.  We are having a wonderful time & the people are incredibly helpful and friendly.  That has probably been the most surprising thing of all.  I never expected them to be rude or unkind but they are absolutely lovely. 

We are now headed to Bath.  (*sigh* Jane Austen)  We won't have internet tonight although we will have so much to tell!