Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{a little inspiration}

I've been thinking about things that inspire me.

I've been so blessed to have such a sweet mother-in-law and people often tell me . . .
"She's the salt of the earth."  She really is.

Last week, Sweet Laura had a doctor's appointment before she came to stay with us.  Her appointment was REALLY early and after the appointment she felt she needed some food before she could drive very far.  She stopped at an iHop.  She asked the waitress the cost of a cup of hot chocolate. (It was a COLD morning.)


Sweet Laura is a smart girl and remembers the effects of the Great Depression.  I'm sure her face said it all.  She replied, "I believe I'll just have water."  After bringing her food, the waitress returned with a cup of hot chocolate saying . . .
 "Have some hot chocolate, it's on me."
Yep, it made me cry and inspired me.  I've prayed for that sweet waitress.

Laura is sweet like that herself.  

I'm thankful she gave me these beautiful bowls.  When I look at them, I want to be beautiful too - on the inside.

Other things also inspire me.  

I have WONDERFUL parents.  On Saturday morning, we were privileged to help clean our church. 
My parents volunteered the same day!
My dad saw me and called me "gorgi-boofer," which is the family word combination for gorgeous + beautiful!  While it is true that all fathers are blind when it comes to their daughters, my dad really is blind.  
(He has 9 daughters so I still like to think that he knows something about "gorgi-boofer" girls.)

He is legally blind and has almost no vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.  His willingness to volunteer inspired me although I had no idea what he was going to do.   

I only had my iPhone but I couldn't resist:

He walked around the entire, LARGE building dusting all the "chair railing."  My mom is just as amazing.  I'm a lucky girl . . . and very inspired to be better.

"I plead with you that you be happy in your work.  Wear a smile on your face, and have a song in your heart as you serve the Lord.  I am an old man now.  I simply do not have the energy to do what I once did.  But I will not permit myself to be unhappy in doing what I can."
                      - President Gordon B. Hinckley