Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{the exciting life}

Is this REALLY my life?!?!  I can't believe today has arrived!  I keep pinching myself - it's not St. Patrick's Day either.  My life is generally rather routine and today even started routinely but it's about to get EXCITING.

India is ready for exciting.

We're all ready for exciting.

We are flying to England tonight.  Not New England.  The REAL London, England.

I've been very self-conscious and not wanted anyone to know.  I feel bad that not everyone gets to go.  The bummer . . . Nolan is in Argentina and won't be in England with us.  

After feeling embarrassed to be going I decided to get over it.  We got round-trip tickets from Houston to Heathrow for $294 a person!  How could I pass that up?  Obviously, I couldn't.  What's even better than tickets for $294?  Enough frequent flyer miles to pay for the tickets.  I know!  I wonder why I'm getting all these blessings too! That's why I feel so self-conscious.  I want everyone to be as blessed as I am.

We will have internet at some of our lodging locations.  Hopefully that means a little blogging!  Since this blog is my fancy new-spangled way to journal I'm  going to think of my posterity and blog about the trip anyway.  I'll also keep hoping that no one hates me after this!  
I agree, I really have been blessed beyond what I deserve.