Sunday, February 13, 2011

{a day being me}

 Saturday was a beautiful day! I had BIG plans for tackling my to-do list.  Everything was going so well . . .

Sir Thomas did have a minor mishap when the Suburban got stuck in mud.  I love living in Texas!  A very nice total stranger stopped in his big truck, pulled the Suburban out, stayed a few minutes for a short, friendly chat and left without wanting compensation.  Thank you dear friend!

Keaton was busy staining the doors for the cabana. . .

The doors will soon be installed here . . .

I was in the house - busy conquering the world.  

Then we had a lunch break.  

During lunch I mentioned a few little things on "my" list.  You know, the one that also involves a husband.  The day suddenly got more interesting.  Interesting is normal.

Lesson 1:  If a man gets a new couch . . .

He will want a chair to go with it.

Lesson 2:  When a man gets a new chair, his wife will want him to remove the old one . . .

Lesson 3: The man will ask one of his strong, handsome sons to help him remove the old chair to make his wife happy. (likely the son not staining doors) Together, they will have a GREAT idea.

Lesson 4: Men always want to do everything in one trip.  If the old chair has a matching ottoman, he will want to take it out at the same time.  The best solution: stack them.

Lesson 5: Gravity.  

(Breakfast tables are highly overrated anyway. Particularly when they are glass.)

Lesson 6: Life is good!

We laughed . . .

. . . and we laughed . . .

. . . and we laughed.

We were happy to have people laugh with us!

Lesson 7:  I have company EVERY day.  That makes me happy!  I did learn that Lesson 5: Gravity, does not prevent guest from arriving.

5 minutes after gravity collided with my breakfast table, company arrived.  Since the door was open, I heard it clearly.  It was one of my favorite voices . . . 
Johnny Ross, a.k.a. VISD Assistant Superintendent. The other voice was foreign.

Lesson 8:  The VISD Superintendent, Dr. Burns, has long admired our cabana.  (Dr. Burns also has a really great son.)

It may not seem like a lesson but I did learn that because he arrived at my house. Dr. Burns mentioned the fact that he admired the cabana to our dear friend, Johnny Ross, as they were driving past our home.  Since Johnny IS a dear friend, he pulled right in our driveway to ensure a tour of the cabana for our esteemed new friend and his son.

Sir Thomas was very kind to act as tour guide.  I hope they enjoyed the tour!  I'm so glad they stopped by!
(I also hope they recovered from the shock I noticed on their faces as they surveyed my redesigned table.)

 My to-do list didn't seem as important.  I thought it would be nice to work on one from my husbands list instead.

The final lesson:  Tall blue vases shouldn't be filled with flowers for Valentine's Day.  I once thought they should (actually, I thought that after lunch today when I put them on the table) but I stand corrected.