Friday, February 11, 2011

{thinking of Nolan}

When I was a little girl I loved to walk on the frost covered grass during the winter and feel it crunch under my feet.  So, this morning when I returned home after teaching seminary (early morning religion class at our church) I decided to take a short walk.  The cold weather made me think of Nolan and the stark contrast with the weather he is experiencing.

My sweet son is serving a mission in Argentina.  He emailed me this past Monday and mentioned that it had been 114ยบ last week!  He wasn't complaining . . . just an FYI.  He has a talent for being positive.

He LOVES it there!  It was such a treat to get these pictures last year.  Right now he is in Villa Fiorito, the slum city made famous by soccer legend, "El Diego" . . . Diego Maradona.  It's his hometown.  Elder Moore doesn't take pictures in the city though since it's dangerous.  People tend to steal cameras there quite regularly. 

He hasn't changed!  He mentioned that the only nice roads are out in the country . . . doesn't look like they get used much!

Cycling was a favorite before he left.  He was SO excited to get this one speed.

How I love this picture!  Smart boy . . . loves Texas!  He's definitely one of my heroes.

He even remembered my birthday!

He misses Root Beer and celebrates with every can we send.  I'm guessing this is a toast to the picture above.  Seeing others learn about Jesus Christ and accept his teachings is priceless.

My sweet mother-in-law came to visit today.  Sir Thomas decided to make etouffee and his mother was happy to be in the kitchen with him.  This is another priceless moment.  It made me miss Nolan even more.  I love my boys! I hope that when Nolan gets really grown up, he'll invite me over and spend time with me in his kitchen.