Friday, March 4, 2011

{beautiful skin, beautiful make-up, beautiful girl}

16 days.  Yes, in 16 days India will become 12.  
She is SO excited!  (I am too!)
Tradition = wearing make-up at age 12.

There are so many things a girl should know:
WEAR suncreen daily, DON'T WEAR too much make-up, 
KEEP your skin clean, HOW to apply make-up, 
WHERE to buy make-up, DON'T share mascara,
WHICH brands are good brands, WHAT colors are best . . .

India is beautiful and has such precious, beautiful skin!

There are so many fun cosmetic brands and counters to visit.
It could be hard to decide where to take her for some girly fun . . .

. . . not for us.  We have Alicia!

Alicia is SO fun to visit with and knows EVERYTHING about skin care and make-up.  
The best thing of all - she shares her expertise!

Alicia makes a girl feel like the princess she is and REALLY listens.

We went to Alicia's today and had the best girly fun imaginable!
India has literally been counting down the hours until her "appointment".
She learned so much about cleaning her skin, 
keeping it moisturized, 
and wearing SUNSCREEN daily!

The magic of being a girl!

Alicia is beautiful and understands true beauty.
NEVER hide behind make-up.
India was happy to learn that magic tip!

India LOVED this day!  Isn't Alicia amazing?!
I'm SO grateful we had this fabulous opportunity.
Having a girl is so much fun!

Her make-up just enhanced her natural beauty.

She's glowing! (And not just because of the make-up.)
Alicia made her feel wonderful!

India is a really happy and confident girl. 

Thank you Alicia & India for helping me have such a wonderful day!
You are both BEAUTIFUL!