Thursday, March 3, 2011

{things I loved about today}

I loved so many things about today.

Lunch was wonderful . . . 
a freshly juiced orange and lots of crisp spinach.

This picture makes me want to eat lunch again!

Watching India work on her crafts always makes me smile.
I love this girl!  
She is so creative and always busy doing things.

Few things can make me happier than hearing my children practice piano.  Thank you Landon!  
True music to my ears.
I LOVE listening to him play.  

I love to read to my children more than anything!  
It is truly my FAVORITE thing to do.
Keaton loves reading on his own so of course I love this!

I love Rachel no matter what.  I love having her come visit. Today, I LOVED that she helped me look for an evening gown.
Thank you Rachel!

I miss Nolan SO much.  
I loved rereading his letter today.
Receiving weekly emails is a miracle.  Technology!

I love Sir Thomas - EVERYDAY (of course).