Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Please send SNOW}

It's COLD . . . actually, it's FREEZING! Literally.  It did get above freezing today but the windchill was still in the 20's . . . even when I went out this afternoon.  I love blankets and staying warm and watching my sweet kids bundle up.  I don't ever want to be an empty-nester.  

Although I have 8 sisters, I think it's nice for India to be an only girl in the family.  I get a permanent BFF and . . . well . . . I don't have any competition . . .
until Raja joins the party!  He is definitely India's BFF!

Landon is SO fun and the little boy in him is alive and well.  He won't want to hear me say that but I love his deep voice and his little boy smirk - so glad he kept that.  It gives me hope that he won't leave home too soon.

Keaton is NOT cold.  He is serious about his P90X and the smile after a good workout is proof.  I know that this process will help him develop the self-confidence that comes from doing HARD things.  I made him a countdown chain.  Yeah, it's a bit "elementary school" but I can tell that it really means a lot to him.      

Cold can be fun . . . our snow-skiing trip in December is all a wonderful memory now.  Why can't we have SNOW when it's cold?

My fun loving Landon is growing so fast!

Isn't the snow beautiful?  Perhaps we shouldn't get this much snow in Texas but since it's cold, it would be oh, so nice!

Yesterday was COLD and RAINING and it made me wish for snow.  The cabana would be beautiful with snow!  If it's going to be cold, please let us have ONE snow day!  The sad cabana is ready for sunshine and a pool party but would be happy to have us get the fire going and bundle up inside it's beautiful surroundings to enjoy the snow.  No one wants sit and visit in the COLD RAIN.

Keaton and Landon know how to have a lot of fun dressing for snow weather.  It reminds me of the funny times they would dress themselves when they were little.

Sir Thomas, it's no wonder why I love him!  I'm definitely having a happily ever after.

Yes, this last picture with Keaton definitely makes me want a SNOW day.