Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Ugh! family pictures should be a sport}

Ugh!  Seriously, taking family pictures should be a sport.  I think I'd get a gold medal.

So, Landon wasn't feeling the best but he needed to get up a little AND it would be so nice if we could take a family picture for our Christmas cards . . .
Apparently pictures are beyond horribly painful.  He decided to play semi-dead.
Not good enough!  I can still dress him.

A little Landon update . . . 
We returned to the medical clinic for a check-up this morning.  He still has a terrible headache, aches all over and gets nauseous when he gets up.  It's actually good news!  I'm so thankful!!
He is living light for the next two weeks.  Of course there will be no snowboarding, gymnastics, swimming, video games, driving, running, weight lifting, - what am I forgetting? - for a couple of weeks and until he gets released from the doctor back home.
See you soon Chris!!  How we LOVE our doctor!

So happy we aren't required to stay here until Christmas!  It's nice and all but not that nice!

I'm trying to think of all the other things I'll have to remind him not to do.  I expect he'll get creative before he gets cleared. The doctor said he is only allowed to do a light load of schoolwork for two weeks as well - I'm sure he'll remember that one!
Later this afternoon, I got busy helping Landon get ready for the pictures.  
As usual, the socks and shoes were the hardest part.  In the end, I won.
Everyone in the elevator . . . fingers crossed.
Turns out, its a team sport - a relay - and Sir Thomas was up. 
He got permission to set up on the outdoor skating rink.  And he was minus skates.
Yes, I was nervous.  Please, no more injuries.

It was super cold.  Landon didn't feel great - understandably and sympathetically - but we tried.
A little like hidden pictures and Where's Waldo?  They all got in somewhere every time.
Sir Thomas would set the timer and run to jump in!  Please, NO injuries!

A little sad that Landon wasn't his usual funny-guy self but I'm not complaining!
In the end, he came back to life and kicked snow all over me!  My happy moment!
We were all together, it was fun and nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't cure.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

{surviving my scary Saturday}

Seeing your snowboarding son strapped to a board and heading to the emergency room is scary.  
Just in case you were wondering.  

Welcome to the continued adventures of the daring Moore family!

Yep, I've had a scary Saturday.  Landon is much better tonight. How grateful I am!
We're in Colorado at Winter Park.  Landon wouldn't be the one to ask right now.
He has a bit of a memory lapse at the moment.  I'm going to laugh about it later.

The trip started off funny . . . after we arrived, Landon was texting his friends.
He asked, "How do you spell 'Utah?'"  Keaton helped him out and after a slight pause said,
"By the way, I hope you know we're not in Utah."

Awkward silence.

Landon: "Then where are we??"  Okay, so we don't always update our kids on the details but we're glad they follow us anyway.
We planned a great family vacation - our first vacation with everyone in over two years and likely our last for a while since Nolan is leaving for school after Christmas.

Everyone has been super excited to snow ski/board!

We thought we had a great plan:

Keep them warm . . .
Wear helmets . . .
Bring the best kids in the world . . .
Oh, I have the best family!
Beautiful scenery . . .

This morning, Sir Thomas asked Landon to say family prayer.  We all noticed in his prayer that he said, "Please help us to recover from any injuries we have sustained or will sustain."

We all thought, "What?  Redo!!" How about NO injuries.  I guess Landon was more inspired than we were and our loving Heavenly Father does answer prayers.  Little did we know that Landon would need that very prayer answered within hours.

He was injured.  Even the medics were scared and concerned that is was BAD.  They immediately started talking about moving him two hours away to Denver.  His initial reaction was serious but that prayer brought a miracle.

The slopes were crowded today and the conditions were icy.  Not as nice as the last couple of days.  Landon doesn't remember the details but fortunately the nicest lady with the ski patrol did.

As I said, the slopes were crowded and to make the story short . . . Landon's board barely clipped the back of her skis.  She said it wasn't even enough to make her lose her balance but on the ice it threw him down hard - backward and his head hit.  He was out for a few seconds and when he awoke he was very combative.  Huge red flag!

The poor lady couldn't control him!  I'm so not surprised.  He's like a bull in a china shop when he's coherent!  He said his neck hurt but she couldn't control him.  She told me she was very scared.  This wasn't the first head injury she had dealt with.

He began to calm down some after about 4 minutes or so and it took at least 10 minutes for the medics to arrive.  He was able to remember his name and where he was from - Texas!
Whew, glad he didn't forget that.

He had a serious concussion and was disoriented.
Tears.  My sweet baby.
De ja vu?  Oh, skiing & surfing!  Why do you dislike us?

You may remember Sir Thomas's near drowning / surfing accident in Hawaii?  Yeah, he got hit in the head with a surfboard, lost his memory, got to ride in an ambulance {we all did}, was admitted to the hospital . . . still has memory issues.  Hmmmm.

Definitely the continued adventures of the daring Moore family . . . all on the path to happily ever after.

Landon's x-rays looked good and his memory was improving.  Since we were staying nearby they decided to allow us to take him with us after a few hours.  We have a return appointment in the morning and will watch him tonight.

That E.R. was busy and I was amazed at the ski injuries coming in.  In a short time, I saw two dislocated shoulders, several knee injuries, an ugly gash, and many others that I couldn't diagnosis.  I pray that they all recover.  Life can change so fast.
I'm thankful:
a medic was there from the beginning
he was wearing a helmet
the emergency room was on site
Keaton found him before they took him down from the mountain
we had cell phones to contact each other
we have the privilege of prayer
he's my little boy
I thankful for:
the best husband / father
great medical attendants
modern technology
And, I'm thankful for:
Landon's great sense of humor
eternal families
the blessing of another day
Tonight, his head is hurting and I'll be watching him closely.  Now, I'm praying that I will know what to do but I'm thrilled to have the opportunity.  It's going to be an amazing Christmas!
Come what may, and love it!

{one way to get a driver's license}

So, we all know that Landon is now 16.  His big plan: get a driver's license.
He's had his permit for months. {You may remember that blog: here} We just needed to schedule an appointment for his driving test - to get the real deal.  I scheduled it in spite of a minor conflict.  I had a previous appointment but intended to reschedule it. However, Nolan quickly volunteered to take him.

Really?  Should I do that?  Would he grow up and think I didn't care?  I didn't put him first?
He's a boy and assured me that he could care less.  He just wanted the license.  "Mom, let Nolan take me!"

Off they went and my nerves were elevated.  Then I received the anticipated call . . .
"I failed the test. I have to come back tomorrow at 9:15 a.m."  That's Landon.
I expected him to tell me that regardless.  BUT . . .  what, if!

They came home and presented me with proof . . . he ran a stop sign!
Well, he said he stopped.  After the stop sign.  Too close to the intersection.  Great!
I woke up at 4:40 a.m. the next morning thinking about Landon.  Was he ready to get a license?

Just look at that test!  Perfect parallel parking.  Ran through a stop sign.
After family prayer the previous evening I brought up the driving test to Nolan.  He said he had already talked to Landon and he wanted Nolan to take him again.  So, they left at 8:30 a.m. the following morning and I worried.

They arrived home about 9:20. Oh, no!  What now?  Landon announced, "I wasn't able to get my license today."

"I got it yesterday!"

Then where were you??

My crazy boys . . . they just took a little trip to DQ for fun.  They were so thoughtful and even took pictures for me.  They know I love pictures.
Nice license.  Thanks for the worry.

Aren't they clever??!!  I'm guessing you're hoping your boys will grow up to be just like mine!
I actually laughed so hard!  I'm glad they're mine!  Even if I didn't sleep.
 I can't complain.  They did take pictures.  And, they brought me a blizzard.
So, what about the test?  "Oh, we just stopped by Aunt Monica's and had her write on it!"
That's what sister's are for!  She's the best.

Well . . . that's one way to get a driver's license.

{first dates & future dates - beware}

Having boys 20-months apart has some serious perks.  Landon had an easy time finding a double date when he started planning his first date.  Oh, sweet 16!

The date got even better because they have a super fun 16-year old cousin who joined them!

The boys all had beautiful, fun dates with really great attitudes . . . homemade pizza night and they even made the crust!

Keaton & Sarah:
 Jacob & Jessica:
 The birthday boy . . . Landon & Kathryn:

The date was so much fun that they started planning the next one.  Girls beware!

I asked the boys to get the leaves out of the pool and pool area.  I was just thinking of using the net and vacuum.  I know better!!  I was asking MY boys!

Enter . . . wetsuits

 Perhaps they are they warming up to get the leaves out?

 I definitely see leaves in the bottom BEHIND him . . .
 Diving for leaves?  Maybe?
 Thanks for getting the leaves out of the pool area Nolan!  He left the wetsuits to his crazier brothers.
Must have been fun!  I know it was COLD.  Beware girls . . . that cold water really affected their thinking.  

They got out and had a brilliant idea!  "Mom, can we use your wetsuits?"  Excuse me?  "Yeah, this would make a GREAT DATE!"  Oh, my! They are scheming and planning the "perfect" December date.  
I'll get lots of hot chocolate.  That is, IF.  IF they can find girls to go along with their plan.