Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{India's date}

Sir Thomas is so wonderful!
I  still don't know how I managed to get him but I'm so glad I did.

We were out of town when The Southeast Texas State Fair opened. Usually, we all go together but I think a family vacation is a good excuse to miss one year.
Fortunately, Sir Thomas took India for a 
daddy-daughter date Friday night.

She said it was THE BEST date they've ever had!
They didn't spend much money and only rode a few rides but they had a great time.

One thing we virtually never do is play the games . . . but Friday night was different.
India played one game and WON!

She loves stuffed toys and couldn't have been happier.  You may have noticed how stiff these stuffed prizes are and they're not very cuddly.  India's creativity and ingenuity never cease to amaze me.  
She found the seam used to sew the tiger closed and reopened it . . .
removed the styrofoam filler . . .
re-stuffed it with poly-fill . . .
and sewed him closed again!

(You will notice all the cleaning paraphernalia.  It made a BIG mess.  The styrofoam beads stuck to everything. Luckily, I like to clean.  Guess there's a future for these stiff critters after all.)

It is SO soft now!  Isn't she brilliant!
I have a feeling she will keep this treasure forever.  

(I hope her someday-spouse likes white tigers on the bed.)