Saturday, April 2, 2011

{On Holiday - The End}

We are home!  We are happy!  We had fun!
The last full day in London was incredible.  
I have so much to blog about and could reminisce about this trip for weeks.

I think I may know the difference between a palace and a castle . . . SIZE.

"This imposing edifice what first meets the eye is the" weekend home of Queen Elizabeth.
(Recognize the movie quote?)

Commonly referred to as Windsor Castle.

It is impossible to get a complete picture of Windsor Castle . . . unless you are in a helicopter . . . up very high.   (Windsor Castle)


This castle was built 900 years ago and I cannot even begin to describe it in a way that would explain the size and splendor.  It is 480,000 square feet inside (or 150 - 3200 square foot houses)!  That doesn't include the courtyards or walkways or anything else!

No picture taking is allowed inside but trust me,
there's tons of gold leafing throughout.
(This lovely picture can be found on the internet here)


After touring the beautiful Windsor Castle, we made a stop at Costa for the BEST cupcakes we've ever had!

I think the entire day would have only gone downhill if we hadn't been privileged to go see . . .

Les Miserables at The Queen's Theatre!

I still can't believe we were so blessed to see this production in London!
When I asked each of my children about their Top 3 favorite things we did in England . . . they all had 
Les Miserables on their list! 

 It was late when we returned to Greenwich and this darling little place we "letted."

The next morning came EARLY and we were excited to head home.

. . . although everyone was tired.

 I am SO happy we had this amazing opportunity.
I know the Lord loves us and I realized even more how much He loves all of his children. 
I quickly came to love the people we met in England.
I appreciate their kindness to us and pray they are blessed for their goodness.

Here's your movie quote hint . . . 

(It was tough to get the shot on a moving train!)

"This imposing edifice what first meets the eye is the home of Admiral Boom.  The whole world takes it time from Greenwich, but Greenwich they say, takes it's time from Admiral Boom." - Burt

Greenwich = Grenich . . . I love the way they pronounce things!