Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Two Days in a Row!}

A few more hours and another day spent with my blog.  I'm learning!  My dear sister Cari helped me with my background. (Thanks Cari!)  She's so wonderful.  I was SO excited.  AFTER adding the background, I decided to stalk some of my favorite blogs and discovered I had the same background as another amazing sister!  (Sorry, Sarah.)  Feeling rather competent after my initial success I decided to try again.  My second background instillation was successful!  Perhaps I'm actually competent after all??  This led to more blog stalking and my second discovery . . . I looked like a copycat AGAIN!  (Sorry, Janene)  I could NEVER make the background look as gorgeous as she did so . . . third times a charm?  Hopefully!  At least I learned an important lesson . . . finish stalking my favorite blogs FIRST.  I'm pretty excited that I got this background up!  (Crazy me.  It would NOT copy and paste so I typed in the code!)  I'm not totally in love with this background but tonight it will stay until I find something that makes me truly HAPPY.

I'll try another post soon and see how it goes!  (Step 2: add some pictures and a bit of LIFE!)