Thursday, June 30, 2011

{room for a princess}

Once upon a time, my Princess India wanted a princess room.
What's a Princess Room??  I want one! {I love Elf}

She had an awkard inset in her room so we filled it with a castle.
Great idea, right?!  Absolute dream come true.


Twinkle, twinkle in your eyes
 Are you an angel in disuise?

She's ready for a more grown up Princess room.
My little princess is taking matters into her own hands.

It's a little sad and a little exciting! 
Since we're friends - I'll let you have a sneak peak at what's to come.  

Her room isn't the only thing under construction. 
My blog is getting an extreme make-over!
I'm SOOOO excited.

Do you like free things as much as I do?
Of course you said 'YES'
Then you must register for my Very First Favorite Things give-away!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{my first give-away}

My Very First Favorite Things Give-Away!

I promised the wait would be worth it and this is so great - I want to win!
However, YOU are SO deserving, I wouldn't dream of keeping it.

There were a few special people that voluntarily helped with my Birthday Ball.  I could never thank them enough!  I wanted to give them a little 'thank you' gift - so my lovely friend on etsy, SingingSunflowers, created these particular beautiful bookmarks just for the Ball.

*Black velvet ribbon * precious charm * 
*sparkling pink stone* 
I adore it.

Reading is one of my favorite things.  
This is a Favorite Things give-away so I'd like to give someone one of these precious momentos from the Birthday Ball!  I want several for my various reads.  Don't you?

 The amazing author, Chris Stewart, is one of my favorite people in the universe!
He's seriously taken - sorry single ladies - so nope, he's not the give-away.
 Although I've met him, I don't know him well enough to give anyone a personal invite to dinner with him either . . .

. . . BUT he and his brother did just write a new book.
It's one of my favorites.

You may have heard of it . . .
 already #24 on the New York Times Bestseller List?
in the Top 10 on Amazon?
up to 2 week wait on Barnes and Noble?

No bookmark should be without a book so in honor of the 4th of July and the miracle of freedom I am also giving away a copy of this book with the bookmark!

You should totally win this!

There are TONS of ways to enter:

*leave a comment - 1 entry

*mention the give-away on your blog or FB - 1 entry
(please mention it in the comments so I can enter you!)

*become a follower - 1 entry
(since this is my first give-away, all current followers are entered automatically!)

*bring me chocolates, flowers, books, clean my house... oh, no - not really those, just the first three.

You have an entire week to enter!
The deadline is Friday, July 8

The winner will be selected by

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Birthday Ball}

*warning: LONG, picture intensive post*

This has taken FOREVER!
I finally got the pictures edited - so sorry it took so long.  Wish I could include them all.
Check back tomorrow for a special surprise - 
I owe some of you after this wait.

The Birthday Ball was wonderful fun!
Totally worth being 40 for this.

The sad part - India looks better in my dress than I do.
The happy part - she's my daughter.

The Birthday Ball was a lot of work.  
Tons of planning. 
It ended in a crazy day.
Probably the worst part was not having time for my hair!  I may regret that part forever.
At least I have hair so I change my mind.  
I won't regret it.

Once 7:30 p.m. arrived - everything was wonderful.

Sir Thomas even rented a tux!
That says love.

Keaton and Landon recruited a few friends.
Perhaps to serve?  
Perhaps to see adults acting like kids?  
Perhaps for the food?
Later they told me it was for the bow ties!  Sweet!

The cupcakes . . . oh, how I want another one.
Beautiful. Delicious. Cupcakes.

Smiles and bow ties!

Marshall and Jenny are the best!
How did I ever get friends like these??

Jenny was the first person I told about my crazy idea for a Birthday Ball.
She was the perfect person because I knew she WOULD laugh and would LOVE the idea.

The shocker came when she suggested we use her beautiful home!
I really wasn't attempting to hint.  I NEVER even thought of it! I thought I might use my home or rent a place but she's so much cooler!  How thoughtful.  
She understood all the planning and knew it would make things easier on me.
She's that fabulous!

These two have the biggest personalities.  
OH, they are FUN.

I {heart} Marshall & Jenny.

Personality plus is nothing compared to this girl.
This move turned into . . .

this move . . .

. . . always the life of the party . . . why not spin on her back while she's down there??!!
Did I mention this party was super fun?

A real Ball with my real Prince!

Fabulous friends . . . with their hair fixed.
I still can't believe so many people came!
It's exactly what I dreamed of . . . nothing focused on me but something for everyone to enjoy.  

A few more Marshall & Jenny moments . . .

There is nothing like family.
I wish all of my family could have been there.  
Seven out of 11 siblings isn't too bad.
I totally missed those that weren't able to attend.
Rachel, angel - sorry you weren't here for this picture but thanks for coming for the time you could!

My family is lovely in every way!

The Princess India


Isn't Monica beautiful?  I don't even have to ask.
{She's sister number 1 in every sense!}




Rachel!  Number 9 girl and seriously the baby at sibling number 11

Thank you Sir Thomas for being my Prince Charming.

I have now officially been to a Ball!

Monday, June 27, 2011

{wonderful weekend}

India is home!
She LOVED Girl's Camp.  No surprise.
I sure missed her.

Friday was busy enough and Saturday . . . let's just say we had some things to do.

I'll just share a few highlights of the marathon long day:

The guys started the day with a hike in preparation for Philmont next month.  Only fabulously insane people hike in these parts.  Sir Thomas qualifies as fabulous and after seeing him actually weighing his pack - the insane part fits nicely!  Insane to carry a pack that heavy.

We also attended a family reunion.  FUN!  
I forgot my camera.  You are welcome.  
The pictures of people near death due to extreme heat would not have been a pretty sight.
I never sweat.  I only glisten but Saturday was threatening to be an exception.
Fortuantely, we had a solution . . . the best friends to help us enjoy the pool.

The kids had lots of friends over and we were privileged to have some of our favorites too!
This little man is sooo cute.

He belongs to these fabulous friends . . .
{I hope your friends are as lovely and wonderful.}

The day only got better because I also got to spend the afternoon with this princess . . .

I'm so glad my little sister loves me enough to trust me with her for an afternoon.

You might not think the day could get any better but the fabulousness didn't stop.
Our dear friend, Elder Fonnesbeck, is now serving in the town next to us!

We really lucked out because he didn't have a dinner appointment on Saturday AND agreed to go eat with us!  He and his companion, Elder Doerfler, met us at Olive Garden.  These guys are amazing!  {Not to mention really nice to take time to have dinner with us.}

So, one wonderful weekend down and a great week ahead. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

{farewell excess}

Bonvoyage!  Enjoy your new home!

Thanks for being a part of my life.
You have overstayed your welcome.

Out of my debt of gratitude for your service I will happily deliver you to my friend "Good Will"  {I used to think that was "his" name.  Sure seemed like a nice thing to call a generous guy.}

I need therapy.

I save things to loan to others.

Sorry family and friends, I have admitted my weakness.

Please visit my friend, Good Will, should you need a crib, changing table, old college Physics book, beginner microscope, child's bike helmet . . . . . .

I know.  

Next week the rage on all the best blogs will be amazing up-cycling DIY projects that require a changing table and I won't have one.  

I'm okay with that. But I know where you can get one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{All boys}

I love these happy faces!
We are so excited that Elder Henderson has joined us.  He is AMAZING . . . just like Elder Smith.  We are a lucky family.  I think I have survived this week of nothing but boys everywhere quite nicely.

India will return from Girl's Camp tomorrow.  A girl will be a lovely addition, once again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{rain, rain, came today}

Can I be thankful for rain . . . again?  I am!

Cloudy skies, beneficial rain and cooler temperatures - it was a great day!  When I say cooler, I'm talking about 69ยบ!  In June!  In Texas!  With the breeze it was downright chilly at times.

My boys are wonderful!  They've been helping me clean out the attics and storage room with really good attitudes.  I'm learning the balance of work & play.  My old self believed that we should work until we were done . . . and we were never done! My newer self has improved with my child raising:  all good things must come to an end so we work hard and play hard for a little balance.

 I think they knew I was talking sense when I suggested working in the attic and storage room this morning while we had awesome, cool weather. 

Landon has perfected the work/play combo and can do both at the same time.  {He was quoting Napoleon Dynamite at this point, "Dude, I got a whole three feet of air that time!"}  

Check out the pile that's accumulating on the bottom right . . . that's just the tip of the iceburg.  Yay, some happy kid will soon be getting a bike at the local Goodwill! 

Yes, Keaton is actually smiling up there in Attic 2
We were all smiling because there wasn't much up there and this part of the job was done in about 20 minutes.

 I love their idea of a reward . . . work hard and then go crabbing!

Who knew raising boys would be so much fun??

{As for Princess India . . . we are still missing her but she's not missing us!  I think she's loving Girl's Camp.}