Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{THE Ever Amazing Elder Moore Part 1}

THE Ever Amazing Elder Moore is having the time of his life.  I'm his mom and that's my factual opinion.  :)  
He LOVES his mission and really wants to enjoy this final month.

Did I just say that?  His final month?  If I do the math . . . he began his mission September 23, 2009 and he gets released September 26, 2011 . . . then I realize it is coming to an end. This is his final month.

Since he's so far away in Argentina and Internet cafes aren't the most technologically advanced we don't get many pictures.  Okay, we've only gotten a disc of pictures once.  Over a year ago.  Last week we received a "foto disco" and it was the perfect way to celebrate Sir Thomas & Nolan's birthdays!

I don't know the stories behind all the pictures so we'll just go with my imagination!  Please enjoy my ideas of what might be happening in a land far, far away . . . 
We got several pictures similar to this but in various locations so I've decided that it's an Argentine Barbecue.
See, this isn't so hard.

I do know the story of the hoodie!  This great friend gave Nolan his favorite hoodie when Nolan was being transferred to a new area.  It's a great souvenir depicting the Last Supper complete with Star Wars characters.  Not the traditional version we are familiar with but so sweet to give away his favorite hoodie.

The baptism of a super cool young man.

Really cute kids in Gutierrez, Argentina.  I hope I get to meet them!  I'm guessing its Gutierrez and I may be wrong.

Striking a cool pose with a cool cat on the stairs behind them.

Delicious dinner being prepared by a very beautiful lady and it's a p-day or a service project since he isn't wearing a white shirt and tie.

Three missionaries that think that erosion blob looks like a map of the USA.
{I think I'm imagining very well - or I just chose easy pictures!}

Baptism of a handsome young man with a beautiful smile {by a handsome young missionary with a beautiful smile}

All the family that came to the baptism!

Very cool happy people and I think they live in Fiorito.  {The date was my hint.)

Super cool guys in Fiorito.  I had to post this one because I LOVE the pictures of the Savior and the First Presidency on the wall . . . and how can I not love the fashion??  R.I.P. floppy disk.  I seriously love that shirt.

An irresistibly cute girl that Elder Moore loves and adores.  {I know a little sign language so that helped.}

An attempt to get a picture of the sweet decorations of people with priorities - taken without them realizing he was taking the picture . . . distract, point, and shoot . . . with the camera, shoot with the camera.

This is a mission car.

Just joking!  But the owner has to be amazing and totally has a testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I'm imagining that's the owner!  He's so great!  {The missionary is probably pretty great too.}

While I'm using my imagination may I share another imaging I have thought many times?
I think basketball is Heavenly Father's favorite sport.  Just sayin'
I have evidence . . . basketball courts are built in every church in the States.  Heavenly Father likes soccer and wants these people to be happy and have a place to play.  But, He crowned the soccer goal with a basketball hoop as a little suggestion. =)

I'll be back with a few more pictures, a few more imaginings, and some real thoughts from his last letter.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{success in the kitchen}

Have you ever heard of Chef Brad and Fusion Grain Cooking??
I hope so!  If not . . . you totally need to . . . so I'll fill you in.
This is Chef Brad:

This is his great logo:

 This is one of his recipes I made today:
Brown Rice Barley Feta Dinner Rolls. . . regardless of what you are expecting - they are delicious.
Chef Brad was at Education Week and Monica got to attend his classes!
She is so wonderful. She is sharing her knowledge.  I wasn't able to stay for the evening classes and was so sad to miss out but I have Monica AND he has a website!

Click here => Chef Brad

He also has a cooking show on BYU-TV =>  Fusion Grain Cooking

I have honestly been trying like crazy to cook healthy and I've got so much to learn.
I'm so happy I found a place to get educated!

I was a little worried about my rolls at first since the dough was super sticky.  I didn't want to add too much flour and decided to just hope for the best.  I think my hoping paid off.  They aren't super round, smooth, and beautiful due to the sticky dough but they are light, fluffy, and delicious.
My family and the missionaries have all approved.
I've also started using agave in place of sugar.  Brilliant idea since it is 25% sweeter than sugar so I use less and it is lower on the glycemic index. =)
{It doesn't need to be "blue" agave - that's just what was available at the store that day.}
I'm not sure if I can post the recipe.  I'll have to ask about that.  I don't think this is commercial use.
I'm not the type to be stealing and sharing.  BUT . . . I like sharing!  I'll have to ask.

My next desperate "want" is an electric pressure cooker.  Ooooo, I'll be dreaming about that tonight.
Perhaps this is getting obsessive!

Monday, August 29, 2011

{moore favorites}

Oh how time flies.  I'm still savoring Education Week.  I'm also trying to juggle reality.  

A million thanks to all who have asked about my blog and/or told me they've missed it!  You have made me feel so loved!  I'm excited to have 25 "followers" . . .  it was oh so extra nice to know there are other people out there that stop by too.  I {heart} you!

So . . . . . . . . let me super fasssst forward through a few things to get myself up to date and then I'll be fresh to start blogging again.

We have so many favorite people!  We are lucky like that.  India has been enjoying some fabulous time with a fabulous friend.

This world is a better place because some incredibly fabulous people are in it.  I already mentioned a few former missionaries that are on our favorites radar.  You need to know about some moore favorites - I'll start with "Elder" Brandon Packer.  He is only one of our favorite people on the planet!
I love this guy!  He is so awesome!  He served a mission in our area 5+ years ago.  It was so exciting to catch up with him at Education Week.  I really needed some pictures from back in the day - Keaton was much smaller then. Sorry though, I'm too tired to find them tonight.  Please use your imagination.

Brandon only ran across campus to attend class with me.  No big deal.  I wasn't feeling special or anything.  Okay.  I was!  He absolutely has a way of making everyone feel special.  He also insists on making crazy fun faces in his pictures . . . maybe that's why my kids like to do that!  He's LEGIT!
 Isn't she adorable?!?!
 She belongs to these fabulous people . . .
"Elder" Nick Shore served in our mission 10(+) years ago.  He is definitely a moore favorite!  I haven't seen him since his mission and it was so fabulous to see him, meet his family, and enjoy a wonderful evening catching up. I'm so glad we've stayed in touch over the years.  I adore his wife, Carri - he married well.  He deserved to.  I don't think he even knows how amazing he is.  Trust me, he is.

Nick and his companion, Elder Cole, are in my debt forever.  Ten years ago those boys would eat Sunday dinner at our house and after dinner they would sit and talk about the Book of Mormon.  It really came alive as we all discussed the things we were reading and my sweet Nolan would sit at the table and listen.  Nolan was only 10 years old but it made him want to read it himself.  He has read everyday since then and it changed his life.  Who knew that the missionaries were converting the members?  They are definitely favorites!

So, my short blog is now my long blog.

Among other things . . .
We celebrated Sir Thomas' birthday!

Enjoyed the first day of school!

Keaton and Landon are SO different but I think they are more alike than we realized . . . check out the head tilt!  Sweet!
 *Interesting fact: at birth they both weighed 7 lbs. 7 ozs., were 19" long, had a thick head full of hair . . . they pretty much looked like the same baby 20 months apart.

Somehow, some of them don't care as much about how they look on the first day any more.
We also started - and finished - reading Michael Vey.  The kids wouldn't let me put it down.  I highly recommend it! And that is the last moore favorite for today.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{show me the jimmer}

Coolest day in memorable history: today
Keaton and Jay are living right.  The stars aligned and shone down on those two boys today and they may be changed forever.  They met JIMMER FREDETTE.  Seriously.  I know.
Education Week totally increased in awesomeness by that chance meeting.  Jimmer had just finished a workout when the boys happened to run into him on the BYU campus.  {Sacramento can't have him all the time.}
The good news . . . they didn't pass out!!  Perhaps a little hyper-ventilating and total loss of all mental faculties that would have allowed them to get a picture but the short conversation and handshake were a little bit of a BIG deal.

The consensus:
He's a really nice guy.
He's a lot bigger than he looks on TV.
It's even cooler to meet him in person than you imagined.

May I admit that I'm a tad jealous?  Honestly, if only one of us could meet him . . . I'm glad it was Keaton.  BUT, I'm a little jealous.

Little known fact about me:
I LOVE basketball.  Really!  I love basketball as in I purchased an extra "package" for three months on DirectTV this past year just so I could watch all of Jimmer's games.  I loved basketball before Jimmer.  I love it more now. Sometimes I'm the only one in my house watching - but basketball, I thank you for being MY game.

So . . . . THANK YOU Jimmer for being fabulous!  Thanks for getting a little of your super cool sweat on Keaton & Jay.  Thanks for being at the right place at the right time today.

Just so you know - Keaton and Jimmer have the same birthday.  February 25th.
The split second meeting was destiny.
The whole day was pretty good.  They got to spend some time with their friend from back home, Adam.  He's up here visiting his cousins.  Good timing there too don't you think! They weren't hyper-ventilating around him so I think they're back to normal.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{cheap skates}

Education Week with Keaton is pretty amazing . . .

. . . but we took a little time away from classes for some fun.  Gotta love these cheap skates!
$2.50 worth of amazing ice skating fun!  There's an ice skating rink that offers an hour of ice skating - including the skate rentals - on Wednesdays for $2.50.  Since we're cheap skates we had to go!

  The best part?  These guys were our host . . .
You may not recognize them but we do - and we love them!  Tanner Ricks and Nick Lauritzen.

Two years ago:
Elder Ricks and Elder Lauritzen were the first to live in our little backyard apartment.
The above picture was taken when Sir Thomas, Nolan and Keaton were at Philmont.
I went to Education Week at BYU before they got home.
Nolan left for his mission just a few weeks later.

Today - Two years later:
Tanner and Nick are home in Utah and we are now visiting them.
Sir Thomas, Keaton and Landon just returned from Philmont.
I left for Education Week at BYU before they got home.
Nolan will be coming home from his mission in a few weeks.

For added fun:
Look how much these kids have grown.
Compare Landon in the above picture to his Philmont picture from yesterday's post.
What will Nolan think?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{on top of the world}

I sure missed my guys last week.  Actually, I've been missing them this week.  

They hiked Baldy at Philmont and I was on top of the world when they called home.  Pretty sweet that they had cell signal.

Even sweeter that they took pictures.  They know I love pictures.  I especially like pictures of them. 

Today's another great day. I'm on top of the world again because these guys caught a plane to come join me . . .
 Philmont didn't zap all their energy?  They are already full of ideas!
 Do you ever feel the need to check the height of the ceilings at hotels?  Apparently it's important.

I'm SO glad they're here!
The rest of this week's gonna be amazing!

Monday, August 15, 2011

{Missing from Blogland}

I was totally missing from Blogland last week.  I was busy and I still seem to be out of it.  I've got to get my groove back - if I ever had one.

My guys were gone to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico all week and India and I were BUSY. Don't ask about my inbox.  Sorry email.  I really was busy so I'll have to update all the projects when I get home next week!

I'm in Utah for Education Week at BYU and I miss my guys so much!  Crazy timing and they're sweet to support me in my annual rejuvenation week.  Happily, Keaton will be flying up to join me tomorrow!

I took a few fun pictures of them before they left and yet never got to the computer.   I'm loving technology . . . I can still see their beautiful faces.

Of course, I had to get every shot possible.  They left at 10:00 p.m.  Pictures taken at 9:59 p.m.
I'm glad they're not camera shy . . .

Just checkin' . . .
 I'm wondering how they smelled and how relaxed they were when they got home this morning!

I'm really wondering all about their week.  They got home this morning . . . and I left yesterday.

Things I'm thankful for:
my family
cell phones
email from my favorite missionary
great friends
smart people that share their smartness
finished projects
my kindle - "Lady Jane"
internet connections
a healthy body
inspiring blogs
chocolate covered cinnamon bears (I haven't eaten any YET)
hot water for showers
people who smile . . .

and lots of other things.