Monday, April 25, 2011

{Good Friday}

Good Friday was VERY good.

Breakfast was good in the end and then we made a wonderful trip to Houston.  It's hard to believe that my three youngest children are now 12, 15, and 17.

The Houston Texas Temple is beautiful and having my children there made it perfect!

{Happy Birthday Elder Reed!}

The birthday tradition hit a snag last week.
It started as such a GREAT idea and then it slightly went bad somewhere.  I don't think I can handle a repeat . . . I'm going back to my original tradition.  
It was more fun.

Of course . . . 
We always have the missionaries over for a birthday breakfast - I always make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes - We always have fun - Take the same silly pictures - Make great memories -
This time . . . what was I thinking??

Elder Reed is too nice of a guy for me to have tried a "surprise" party.  He knows we have this birthday tradition but somehow we thought it would be fun to not tell him and make it a "surprise" breakfast on Friday . . . the day after his birthday!

We had some really great reasons:
1.  Sir Thomas would be home that morning.
2.  The AP's would be in Vidor that day.
3.  Good Friday = no seminary = less stress for me :)
4.  Elders from Orange could come too since they had a district meeting
5. Surprises are always fun! Right??

Sadly, it was a bad idea.
Poor Elder Reed.

He must have been wondering why we never mentioned a breakfast or made a big deal on Thursday.  It got worse when some members asked about his birthday breakfast and he had to tell them we didn't do it.  They were very disappointed in me and I know it must have made him feel worse. :(  I hope he wasn't thinking that we didn't like him! 
By Thursday evening I was in tears but it was too late to back out and ruin "the surprise."  
I knew I wouldn't sleep much Thursday night because I went to bed with Taylor Swift's song "Mean" running through my head and it was directed at ME!
I don't know all the words but the chorus was enough 
. . .
"Why'd ya have to be so mean?"

The AP's stayed in the apartment on Thursday night with our Elder's (the missionaries have dubbed it "THE Taj Mahal" - proof that they're all really young and easy to please) but somehow everyone forgot to inform the missionaries in Orange, which means they didn't get to come. :(  I've made a vow to get their phone number for next time.  I was too busy cooking to take any pictures but happily we still managed to get a few.

Naturally, he's too nice to say anything, act like it bothered him, stone me, or spray all of my Knockout Roses with weed killer.  A few more reasons we're happy he's serving here! 

The Birthday Boy with the GREAT attitude:

Ready for the surprise:

Entertaining Rambo / Elder Reed - they're great friends:

Autographing the Texas Flag!
(We still need to teach him the State Pledge of Allegiance.)

The breakfast bunch!

 Happy Birthday Elder Reed!  
Sorry for the lousy surprise.