Thursday, April 28, 2011

{welcome to my front door}

Spring has definitely arrived and I'm ready!

My front door has looked sad and lonely for far too many years but I could never find the PERFECT idea to make it look as inviting as I want people to feel . . . until I "met" the Girls with Good Taste - Mia & Jilly.

I secretly want to hate them.  That's terrible!  I know!  It's tempting but they're crazily talented and it's almost too much for me.  I also secretly wish they were my neighbors.  It would be SO cool to spy on them . . . not that I could actually steal their ideas but just because they appear to be that much fun!
They actually share their fabulous DIY ideas, introduce their equally talented fabulous friends, and the food . . . yep, I'm hungry!  Please treat yourself to their archives.  You're worth it!

If you think you can control yourself and not give in to a jealous hatred for my new friends, I'll share their blog site with you.  (Prepare to drool over their creations.)

This is not the type of item that is to be ordered casually and certainly not everyday but it was a special treat for Sir Thomas and he's worth it!  I promise it is his gift and he loves it.  No wonder I love him.

The arrival!  It was exciting . . .

Isn't it beautiful?  (You don't even have to think about it to say, "YES!")

I looked long and hard for the perfect quote and those girls have excellent taste when they select fonts. 
It's perfect.

It will soon be hanging outside; looking lovely by our front door.  I think our guests will be smiling when we open it!

They also made this beautiful card and it says exactly what I'm thinking . . .

I love those girls AND their good taste!