Friday, April 29, 2011

{Go, Landon!}

Landon is one happy guy today.

He's been busy learning everything he needs to know to get his driver's permit.  He obviously has big plans for his 16th birthday and getting a driver's license is part of  the plan.

Yesterday he went to the DVM to take THE test.

Sir Thomas took him {so nice} and then Landon called and announced . . . "I'm getting a bike."
My reply: "Great!  What color?"
After 15 years, I know Landon.
He settled on "red."

A bit later I received a text from Sir Thomas: "Get the camera" - he knows me so well!

I raced outside to see the "red bike moment."

I know who's in the driver's seat!

Of course he passed!

Such a proud moment!  They both survived.
Sir Thomas is so brave.

I really don't want him to "turn" 16 in November.  It's coming nevertheless and so I celebrate this happy milestone for him.  Congratulations my beautiful boy!