Monday, May 9, 2011

{Mother's Day Extraordinaire}

Once upon a time, Mother's Day was just a "nice" holiday.  I enjoyed it but it was nothing like Christmas  . . . until I had my own missionary!
Everything about this Mother's Day was Extraordinary!

Breakfast in bed is always a lovely treat although Sir Thomas is right, "What's the big deal with eating in bed?"  I think it has something to do with NOT having to get up!?!!  I LOVE being a mother (have I mentioned that before?).  
It's probably because I have the best kids.

You probably think this is why I enjoy Mother's Day . . .

Beautiful earrings!
But it's not.

Actually, one of the best things about Mother's Day this year started at 3:30a.m.  Weird, I know.  I got to bed after midnight and was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by Keaton.  He came to tell me he was sick.  
Fortunately it was nothing huge but his face was seriously sunburned and he had all the side effects of sun toxicity.  His skin medicine causes his face to be extra sun-sensitive and he forgot sunscreen on Saturday.  He just needed to know what to do . . . drink LOTS of water.  We double checked with our friend Google, drank water, visited, and headed back to bed.  As I was trying to go back to sleep after 4:00 a.m. I was thinking how nice it was to have him "need" me again.  He's such a big guy now and even I feel intimidated by him at times!

I haven't forgotten the long, terrible, sleepless nights when Keaton was under two years old, having night terrors and Landon was a starving newborn.  I NEVER slept.  It was tough but it's been a while so one night was a sweet reminder. :)  
"It's the hard that makes it great."

Church IS always wonderful.  Sometimes though, three hours is torture.  It is wrong and I confess that on Sunday I just wanted it to end.
I was ready to Skype with Elder Moore in Argentina!

We've never had the opportunity to Skype with him before and this was an extra special treat!
I now feel that I will survive until September 26.

Some of the family joined us!
(Thanks so much for coming!) 

It was a bit blurry but he looked so good!  I love his beautiful smile, sense of humor, and amazing attitude.  He's just so happy all the time!  I love optimists!

Another treat . . . having the missionaries over to call home.
Elder Smith is a "newer" missionary but a total pro!  I'm so glad he had brothers back home so my boys wouldn't be sheer torture for him.  He has such a great attitude and laughs at my Landon's practical jokes.  (Elder Smith is great of thinking them up on his own too!)

While "our" missionaries were calling home from various locations around the house, we enjoyed Skype with our missionary in Fiorito, Argentina.

Nolan took the opportunity to "meet" a couple of the missionaries.  The missionaries were hesitant to take any of our "family" time but they're part of the family.  Nolan hears so much about these guys in our letters and probably wanted to meet his "new friends" before he got home.

Happiness is knowing amazing people . . .

Elder Kaufusi!!  His laugh is THE best!  I smile when I just think about him laughing. Elder Kaufusi ALWAYS makes people feel good.  I think I even like me because he does.  I hope his mother had a wonderful Mother's Day.  His brother is serving in the Philippines and trying to coordinate calls with both of them was a challenge.  I'm glad she raised him so well!

Elder Kemp!!  Look at that sweet, mischievous smile!  The NICEST guy!  He's also tricky . . . he's so nice that you think you can get away with ANYTHING.  Companions beware.  He is SO nice but he doesn't bend.  Right is right.  Fortunately, all of the missionaries in our area are good but I can just sense that he has a strong ability to always do what's right and happily people follow him.  He's a great friend to have!

Elder Smith!!  So smart . . . he found a quieter place to finish his phone call.  He is so fun to visit with and has a super sense of humor.  I don't find many missionaries to be complainers . . . most of them have been in Southeast Texas for a while before they live with us and have had time to adjust to the heat & humidity one day and 43ยบ the next.  I'm so impressed that Elder Smith isn't a complainer and he's just now adjusting!  This is his first area . . . aren't we lucky?  Yes!  He is just a happy guy without complaining . . . just sincere smiles!

Elder Reed!!  Notice the personality!  Too fun and also handles our house so well.  (Reed & Smith are actually in our ward and live here . . . they're stuck with us a lot more than Kemp & Kaufusi!)  Elder Reed is a master storyteller and has had a lot of great life experiences to pull from.  Elder Landon Reed is willing to be a kindred spirit to our Landon . . . something our 15 year has obviously decided upon.  He is doing a great job introducing Elder Smith to missionary life! 

Finally, bed time arrived!  I walked into my room and noticed cards on my bed . . . Sir Thomas and my children are so sweet.

The card on the left read, "To Momma Moore" . . . which one of the kids gave me that?!

They were all so beautiful!

I NEVER knew I loved cards so much!  Confession: we don't give cards regularly.  Perhaps a new tradition?

These were incredible because each of the kids left indelible marks of their personalities. . .

Keaton:  how sweet!  Underlined the words so I would read them and know he was sincere.  Then, the poem! haha  He's always so funny!

Landon!  I knew the card was from him . . . he signed his name in Chinese!  He's trying to learn Chinese off the internet . . . not really sure how it's going since I don't know Chinese but thus far he can copy some of the alphabet.  I love it!

India is definitely growing up!  So sweet, sincere, and full of gratitude.  It makes being a mother so much easier when they are grateful!  Her card made me melt!

"To Momma Moore" . . . the mystery card . . .

Can you believe those sweet missionaries?!?!  All six elder's in Vidor signed this sweet card (and Mike Bartils did too!).  I'm speechless.

(This is a long post - so speechless is good.)

I will save it FORVER, along with the other cards!

It was the best Mother's Day I could have imagined.  I miss Nolan so much but I wouldn't have him anywhere else.  I feel such sincere gratitude for a sweet family in Argentina who were willing to sacrifice their time and computer for him to Skype with us.  I can never thank them enough.  Their kindness is amazing to me and has blessed my life so much.  Tonight we should all say a little prayer that they will be given extra blessings.  I love them and they deserve it!

{The end of one of the longest post in history!}