Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Last week}

I see the end in sight!  The school year is coming to a close but I'm not really rushing it.  The kids will be home in the summer too and that makes me happy.
I AM relieved to have finished last week.  
Fun, but busy.

The great success . . . completing another year of seminary!
I had 26 FABULOUS students in my class of sophomores.  Not everyone was in the room when we took this picture but you get the idea . . .

After we put away our chairs on the last day, we collapsed.  I'll miss the kids but I won't miss the schedule.  Well done!  I LOVE these kids.

The second great accomplishment . . . awarding scholarships for the Vidor Schools Foundation Scholarship Committee.  I always enjoy meeting with the VSF Board and the Scholarship Committee.  Of course, I love giving away money!   

I had papers EVERYWHERE, read LOTS of letters of recommendation, scratched my head a few times, and happily finished organizing everything before we met as a committee.

In the end, we were happy to award 16 scholarships and 3 grants-to-teachers!
Congratulations to all of the recipients!
This past Tuesday, the awards ceremony was lovely.  Sitting on the stage and looking out at the audience of high school students did NOT make me want to return to high school.  I didn't think I wanted to go back but every year I go through this process and YEP, once again it's decided.  I'll happily just turn 40 in the near future.