Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Survivor and an older young lady}

Anyone watch Survivor?  

Typically, we aren't much for television on Sunday.  I stay rather busy preparing lessons, attending church, emailing Elder Moore, and visiting family so there isn't much time or need.  However, this past Sunday was irresistible!

The show itself - Survivor - wasn't actually the temptation.
My Grandma was!

Isn't she fabulous!?  I love her!  Now, can anyone guess her age??

I didn't think so!
{I'll give you a hint: She stopped climbing on her roof to sweep the pine needles off after she turned 80. Very practical of her, don't you think?}

I was visiting her earlier in the week when I asked about the shows she watches on television.  When she mentioned "Survivor" with a giggle and said she would be watching the finale Sunday night I couldn't resist!  A "Survivor Party" at Grandma's was a must.

On Sunday, I loaded up the family, a few snacks and the camera.  Then, I did a terrible job taking enough pictures.  I'll  treasure the memory anyway.

Landon knew it was going to be FUN!

India even brought Raja.

My Grandma is the best!  She has taught me so much through her example.  She is the most Christlike person I know.  When I was younger, for some reason I thought she knew Mother Teresa.  I don't even know why I thought that but they just seemed like the type to be friends.  She NEVER gossips about anyone and is such a hard worker.  I'll have to blog more about her. 

She's just so fun and far, far from feeble.

Grandma loves to take care of everyone.  I assured her I would provide the snacks but she wouldn't be my Grandma if she listened to that.  She made us some delicious potato salad and a yummy green bean and bacon appetizer I'd never had before.  It was SO good!

Most people tell me they think she must be in her 70s since she:
Looks amazing
Lives on her own
Still drives around Vidor in the morning before the traffic gets crazy
Is so mentally sharp

The truth:
She will be 90 years old on Sept. 26

We will have to think of some ways to help her celebrate this last care-free summer in her 80s.  I hope to grow up to be at least a little bit like her.  She would NOT be happy to learn that I posted these pictures or told these stories.  She's too modest to ever want to attract attention to herself and just vain enough to complain that her hair needed to be cut and wasn't fixed right.  In those ways, I'm actually a bit like her.

Thanks Grandma for hosting the BEST "Survivor Party" ever!