Saturday, May 21, 2011

{exercise and other near death experiences}

I'm definitely not as young as I once was!  Not that it's surprising - it's just more noticeable.

I think most of my near death experiences are predominately age related.  I remember handling this stuff much better a few years ago!

* * * * * * * * * 

Recently, I stayed up late, with Landon & India and their friends, waiting for Keaton and his friend to get home.  After they returned home, we stayed up even later talking.  When I say late, I'm talking about almost 3:00 a.m. late.  I know, that's nothing for teenagers!  I've even been known to stay up ALL night when my kids were little . . . cleaning the house!  
{I REALLY wanted a clean house.} 

Staying up with those guys was FUN!  I loved the experience!  It is wonderful to have such good kids that want to tell me all about the fun they had and then listen to my "has been" stories!  {They are nice.}  However, I was so tired the next day I thought I might die.  But, I didn't.  I was so deliriously tired I didn't even think to take pictures so . . . no death-warmed over pictures - for now.

* * * * * * * * *

Don't they look like they want to eat me alive . . .

Remember my broken glass table?  Yeah, me too.  I'm still deciding on a replacement.  Rather than sit at my real dining table, I recently decided to break all the rules and eat elsewhere.  Why is this my life??  I believe it has something to do with being way too nice to my children.  I honestly think these dogs could be the death of me.  We don't feed them people food but they couldn't resist begging for a bite of my BLT.  {They would have been disappointed because it was mostly spinach leaves and tomatoes with only a little bacon.} I do love pets but this is TOO much . . . not necessarily the begging but just the dogs in general. 

* * * * * * * * *   

How can I learn to love exercise?  I keep trying to trick myself.  See how excited I look before exercise?  My children find this to be a great source of comedy.

I even look convincing to myself

Have you ever seen this at the store . . . 

(Did you buy it too??)  Some people have been surprised to discover that unlike "Biggest Loser" this one is interactive and a person isn't supposed to sit on the couch and watch it like a normal DVD.

I will admit that I am an out-of-shape wimp.
Ripped in 30?  
Is that 30 days?  30 minutes?  30 breaths?
I think she was implying 30 days but let me share with you . . . I was an easy case, it did not take her 30 days to "rip" me . . . I had body parts all over the place after the first workout.

I collected my body parts with much effort, gritted my teeth, and put the disc in - again.

 Now for the death-warmed over pictures!
Landon has always been my funny man and loved taking these pictures of me . . . feeling somewhere near death.  He's 15 and in excellent shape so of course, this is hilarious to him.  I thought I would start to feel better after the first week.  I must be doing something wrong.

I am not amused . . . 

I needed oxygen, not pictures.  I was sitting because standing was no longer a valid option.

Begging didn't work too well either.  
(With Landon or Jillian)

I had just enough energy left to enter attack mode - he thought my growling was even funnier.

Growling required too much energy.

 This is what I think at the end of the workout.  Booooo.  Let me continue with my honesty, I want the benefits of exercise without really doing it.  Cardio and I will never be best friends.  I could be BFF's with strength training and on a first name basis with some wimp-friendly abs.  I might even be a soul mate with walking for miles but cardio is my nemesis . . . and apparently that's how a person gets healthy.

 If anyone has any helpful tips, I would greatly appreciate them!  At the moment, I am hoping to just preserver and see what happens in 30 days.  Thus far, everyday is a near death experience but it is actually getting better and I'm convinced that I won't die!