Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Uncle Ralph & the Luau}

We were privileged to host a Luau for our church on Saturday night.  It was an adult party and church members, friends, and family all came.  
It was super fun!

I honestly loved visiting with everyone but I have to say the best part of the evening was my wonderful Uncle Ralph.  He is one of my father's older brothers.  He is 70 years old now but still such a sweet child at heart.  He contracted measles when he was very young; his fever got extremely high and it caused permanent brain damage.  He is just so fun AND funny!

The wonderful missionaries also got to attend!  They were dressed in appropriate festive attire and Uncle Ralph didn't get it.  Apparently he isn't familiar with lava lavas.  He said, "Look at them boys.  Why are they wearing 'skirts'?  Those boys are wearing skirts. . . ."  I told him they were dressing like Hawaiians and other island people, "Uncle Ralph, that's how they dress in Hawaii.  Don't you like their 'skirts'?"  He emphatically stated that he would have NOTHING to do with that.  "Those boys and their skirts.  Just look at 'em."

I assured him that, "those boys" are the nicest and asked if he'd like to meet them.  He decided that would be a fine idea and I invited Elders Reed and Smith to meet Uncle Ralph.

"Those boys" are a lot smarter than I am!  After the introductions, I told Uncle Ralph that he could talk to them about their lava lavas.  He shared his sentiments that they were wearing skirts and he didn't sound happy about it! haha  Elder Reed is awesome!  
He looked at Uncle Ralph and asked . . . 
"Would you like to wear one too?"
The ever coy Uncle Ralph said, "If you have an extra . . . yeah."
Elder Smith was right on it too and immediately assured Uncle Ralph that he was on his way to get him a "skirt!!"

He was SO happy!

He was so excited about the first picture that he requested another . . . with his brother.
Uncle Ralph used to struggle to keep the relationships straight.  When my grandmother was alive, of course she would refer to my dad as "her son."  Uncle Ralph would point to my dad and say, "That right there, that's my son."  Now he knows its his brother and he pointed to my dad and informed the missionaries, "That's my brother.  That right there, he's my brother."  Then he told me to, "Get Ivan, go get my brother and take a picture of us." I love it!

Uncle Ralph was enjoying the pictures so much that he needed one with Sir Thomas and Elder Kemp!
Everyone was loving this!  Elder Ralph was so happy to fit in with his lei and lava lava.

Elders Jenkins and Axtell were snagged for a photo op.

Then the picture taking got serious . . . calling all lava lava wearers . . .

 This is my favorite!
Left to right back row: Reed, Kaufusi, Uncle Ralph, Kemp, Axtell, Smith, Jake White
Front: Jenkins & Sir Thomas