Saturday, May 28, 2011

{spa recommendation}

Today was my lucky day!!

I received the best phone call that any girl could EVER wish for . . . an invitation to a spa . . . for FREE!

This wasn't just any spa either . . . it was THE darling "Look Younger Live Better Beauty Spa"!  
For a girl that just turned 40, nothing could be more desirable.  As it just so happens, 
I want to look younger!  
I want to live better!  
I also want anything with Beauty and Spa in the title.  
I couldn't resist such a delicious invitation to indulge myself!

I am still so honored that they thought to call me!  How did  they know I love this kind of opportunity?  {Perhaps you are right . . . everyone knows.  Honestly, just yesterday another person told me I reminded them of "Giselle" from Enchanted.  Hmmm.  I'll take that as a compliment.}

Isn't this THE BEST!

The ever lovely girls, Isabel and Brenna, were the specialist.  They started my relaxing and refreshing experience by providing the perfect place to soak my feet. 

I'm embarrassed to share how spoiled I was . . . my feet were massaged with yummy smelling lotion!

 Eden was their precious assistant!  She has a striking talent for dance that she was able to put to good use when show-casing the nail polish options. 

More spoiling!  Eden also massaged my arms.  The combination of lotion and her magic touch left my arms oh, so soft.

Facials are a must at all proper spas and these girls didn't scrimp!  Check out their supplies - all natural ingredients!! {Eden provided a relaxing atmosphere by blowing bubbles while Isabel and Brenna got serious.}

My eyes are super bright now - thanks to the refreshing cucumber.

No spa experience would be complete without a facial:

These precious girls know their stuff!  Please note the tray to the right . . . YES!  They provided fresh watermelon, cucumber and cold water.  This was the completely royal, Fancy Nancy treatment that I love!

 Thank you gorgeous girls for a lovely time at your divine spa!  
Brenna {l} and Isabel {r} - I adore you girls!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fun!
I am now ready for summer!