Thursday, June 2, 2011

{a treasured gift}

Remember this familiar picture? 
{One of my favorites ever.}

Grab some tissues so you can cry with me . . .

My birthday was more amazing this year than I could have ever anticipated.  {We're not to the crying part yet.}  So many wonderful people and so many "little" things were HUGE!  I'm not normally big into my birthday and it's generally rather non-descript. This year was very different.

I won't detail every moment but I can't resist bragging on our missionaries!  Their mommas must be proud . . . they raised these boys well.

First, this is a tale of an undeserved gift but please indulge me because it's really good.

Elders Kemp & Kaufusi stopped by one evening and asked if I would download the pictures of the Luau to their flash drive.  They said they wanted to email them home.

{L-R: Reed, Jenkins, Wasden, Kaufusi, Orndorff}


{L-R Smith, Axtell}

It's never surprising when the missionaries stop by . . . two of them live here.  One evening of my "birthday week" the missionaries came over.  We had a great visit but I thought something was up.  I soon discovered this FABULOUS gift they left for me . . .

So SWEET and THOUGHTFUL!  I didn't even realize they knew it was my birthday.  Framing one of my favorite pictures was the best!  I was already in tears and then I discovered more . . .

{Que tissues}

They had each written me a note!  These guys are in their early 20s - some still 19 - yet they were so thoughtful.  The notes were enclosed in the back of the frame and I sat and read each note while tears streamed down my face.   I really haven't treated them well enough to deserve this but it is a treasure.  I am still overwhelmed every time I think of this gift.

They are AMAZING.
They are such great examples to our family.  I'm learning from them, I promise!  I appreciate their parents for raising them so well and I appreciate them for being who they are.