Friday, June 3, 2011

{In the beginning . . . of summer}

The first week of summer is coming to an end!  Oh, how I hope this summer passes slowly so I can really enjoy my kids.  We've had a great week that has already been full of good-byes and happy times.

Sad: Mark, Jay, Keaton, & Michael enjoyed their last hurrah.  Michael has now moved to Arizona for a wonderful adventure in his life.  We will miss him and the fun of seeing these guys together.  {Michael, please come visit again!}

Happy & Sad: My boys are growing up.  They went on a"man trip" this week.  

They were excited for a fun adventure with their friends.  They joined Jay, Jordan, & Mark at Lake Tejas for a couple of days of camping and guy stuff . . . i.e. swimmimg, enjoying the high dive, frisbee, etc.  Apparently its against the rules to take a camera and take pictures on a man trip so I'm happy I took these pre-trip. 

Happy:  India knitting a blanket for Raja.

Didn't she do a great job!!

We've done some other fun things too but these are just a few happy highlights.
I'm gonna love this summer!!

{Memorial Day}

Memorial Day is interesting . . . we celebrate the sacrifices of others with food and celebrations.  This year I wondered if that was irreverent.  My own father spent two tours in Vietnam and so many other family members have also served and even given their lives for our great nation, aside from the millions of other people who have served with them.  I didn't want to be ungrateful.

Nolan is so far away in Argentina.  He has always had a great love for this country and living out of this country for two years has increased his love.  He wasn't able to celebrate Memorial Day this year but has BIG plans for a U.S. celebration when he gets back.  

So many thoughts going through my mind finally made me realize that my own father sacrificed so much just so we could have days like this.  My dad loves his family and I think he especially loves these celebrations of our freedom - surrounded by family.  

Our celebration in pictures:

Sir Thomas at the grill

Beautiful  girls in the pool

A handsome and bewildered swimmer

Hungry and happy kids

Not hungry and happy kids

More beautiful girls

All true celebrations involve the missionaries

All true celebrations also feed the missionaries

True celebrations include visiting with a real vet

 "Bear" back riding

Lots of love!

True beauty {makes one envious}

A favorite smiley face

Dinosaurs & Dad bonding time

Discovery . . .

. . . further inspection . . .

. . . a new ladybug friend

Beauties blowing bubbles

A talented beauty knitting and visiting

LOTS of food

I love Memorial Day.