Friday, June 10, 2011

{summer as it should be}

Keaton's summer is going well . . .

He has such crazy skills . . . like shooting water through his teeth skills.
{I hope it shows up on the screen!}

Life wouldn't be fun if Landon weren't entertaining {also known as aggravating to India}
He seems to think the chair is comfy.  India's on the bottom so for her . . . not so much.

Stay tuned during the summer for a little excitement in the decorating department.  In order for the decorating to happen in India's room she had to give up a few things. . . India's farewell moments with "Sketch" {all smiles!}

Sketch's beautful new owner.  I adore this darling girl!

 Then, India taught her fabulous friend to knit!  So precious!  They're having the best time.

Raja is obviously a huge fan of India's knitting.  He's still enjoying his little blanket.

Summer is just as it should be!  I'm loving it.

{I will enjoy the summer even more after I finish a few little "projects" such as a class I'm teaching tomorrow on emergency evacuation preparation.  Truthfully, it IS exciting and I always enjoy these opportunities . . . but I also enjoy when they're over. }