Sunday, June 19, 2011

{100 Days & 22 Years}

Yesterday {Saturday, June 18} was momentous!

Momentous Occassion #1: 
100 days . . . that's all the time that Nolan has left of his 24 months of service.  His mission to the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission has been wonderful.

You probably think I'm counting down the minutes until he returns.  Not true.  I want him to live in the moment and enjoy every second of this precious experience.  I also want to live in the moment and enjoy it with him.  24 months is 24 months and I am patient . . . perhaps it would be fair to say that I'm just *aware* of the time.

{One of his dreams come true!  A very rare experience a few days before entering the MTC . . . standing behind the pulpit in the Tabernacle - wishing he were wearing a suit and tie in honor of and respect for the occassion.}

Momentous occassion #2:
Sir Thomas and I celebrated 22 years since our FIRST date!

Yep, I met him, dated him, and married him in a few short months.  I don't recommend this for everyone but he was my prince charming and it was right!

I never seem to get the shoe thing right!  These weren't the best shoes for jumping but I couldn't resist.  {Jumping or the shoes.}

 I decided to indulge in a little reading while waiting for Sir Thomas to join me for a splash in the pool.

Okay, so I decided enough of the book . . .

. . .  talking, laughing, and enjoying a little time together was a lot more fun.