Monday, June 27, 2011

{wonderful weekend}

India is home!
She LOVED Girl's Camp.  No surprise.
I sure missed her.

Friday was busy enough and Saturday . . . let's just say we had some things to do.

I'll just share a few highlights of the marathon long day:

The guys started the day with a hike in preparation for Philmont next month.  Only fabulously insane people hike in these parts.  Sir Thomas qualifies as fabulous and after seeing him actually weighing his pack - the insane part fits nicely!  Insane to carry a pack that heavy.

We also attended a family reunion.  FUN!  
I forgot my camera.  You are welcome.  
The pictures of people near death due to extreme heat would not have been a pretty sight.
I never sweat.  I only glisten but Saturday was threatening to be an exception.
Fortuantely, we had a solution . . . the best friends to help us enjoy the pool.

The kids had lots of friends over and we were privileged to have some of our favorites too!
This little man is sooo cute.

He belongs to these fabulous friends . . .
{I hope your friends are as lovely and wonderful.}

The day only got better because I also got to spend the afternoon with this princess . . .

I'm so glad my little sister loves me enough to trust me with her for an afternoon.

You might not think the day could get any better but the fabulousness didn't stop.
Our dear friend, Elder Fonnesbeck, is now serving in the town next to us!

We really lucked out because he didn't have a dinner appointment on Saturday AND agreed to go eat with us!  He and his companion, Elder Doerfler, met us at Olive Garden.  These guys are amazing!  {Not to mention really nice to take time to have dinner with us.}

So, one wonderful weekend down and a great week ahead.