Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Birthday Ball}

*warning: LONG, picture intensive post*

This has taken FOREVER!
I finally got the pictures edited - so sorry it took so long.  Wish I could include them all.
Check back tomorrow for a special surprise - 
I owe some of you after this wait.

The Birthday Ball was wonderful fun!
Totally worth being 40 for this.

The sad part - India looks better in my dress than I do.
The happy part - she's my daughter.

The Birthday Ball was a lot of work.  
Tons of planning. 
It ended in a crazy day.
Probably the worst part was not having time for my hair!  I may regret that part forever.
At least I have hair so I change my mind.  
I won't regret it.

Once 7:30 p.m. arrived - everything was wonderful.

Sir Thomas even rented a tux!
That says love.

Keaton and Landon recruited a few friends.
Perhaps to serve?  
Perhaps to see adults acting like kids?  
Perhaps for the food?
Later they told me it was for the bow ties!  Sweet!

The cupcakes . . . oh, how I want another one.
Beautiful. Delicious. Cupcakes.

Smiles and bow ties!

Marshall and Jenny are the best!
How did I ever get friends like these??

Jenny was the first person I told about my crazy idea for a Birthday Ball.
She was the perfect person because I knew she WOULD laugh and would LOVE the idea.

The shocker came when she suggested we use her beautiful home!
I really wasn't attempting to hint.  I NEVER even thought of it! I thought I might use my home or rent a place but she's so much cooler!  How thoughtful.  
She understood all the planning and knew it would make things easier on me.
She's that fabulous!

These two have the biggest personalities.  
OH, they are FUN.

I {heart} Marshall & Jenny.

Personality plus is nothing compared to this girl.
This move turned into . . .

this move . . .

. . . always the life of the party . . . why not spin on her back while she's down there??!!
Did I mention this party was super fun?

A real Ball with my real Prince!

Fabulous friends . . . with their hair fixed.
I still can't believe so many people came!
It's exactly what I dreamed of . . . nothing focused on me but something for everyone to enjoy.  

A few more Marshall & Jenny moments . . .

There is nothing like family.
I wish all of my family could have been there.  
Seven out of 11 siblings isn't too bad.
I totally missed those that weren't able to attend.
Rachel, angel - sorry you weren't here for this picture but thanks for coming for the time you could!

My family is lovely in every way!

The Princess India


Isn't Monica beautiful?  I don't even have to ask.
{She's sister number 1 in every sense!}




Rachel!  Number 9 girl and seriously the baby at sibling number 11

Thank you Sir Thomas for being my Prince Charming.

I have now officially been to a Ball!