Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{my first give-away}

My Very First Favorite Things Give-Away!

I promised the wait would be worth it and this is so great - I want to win!
However, YOU are SO deserving, I wouldn't dream of keeping it.

There were a few special people that voluntarily helped with my Birthday Ball.  I could never thank them enough!  I wanted to give them a little 'thank you' gift - so my lovely friend on etsy, SingingSunflowers, created these particular beautiful bookmarks just for the Ball.

*Black velvet ribbon * precious charm * 
*sparkling pink stone* 
I adore it.

Reading is one of my favorite things.  
This is a Favorite Things give-away so I'd like to give someone one of these precious momentos from the Birthday Ball!  I want several for my various reads.  Don't you?

 The amazing author, Chris Stewart, is one of my favorite people in the universe!
He's seriously taken - sorry single ladies - so nope, he's not the give-away.
 Although I've met him, I don't know him well enough to give anyone a personal invite to dinner with him either . . .

. . . BUT he and his brother did just write a new book.
It's one of my favorites.

You may have heard of it . . .
 already #24 on the New York Times Bestseller List?
in the Top 10 on Amazon?
up to 2 week wait on Barnes and Noble?

No bookmark should be without a book so in honor of the 4th of July and the miracle of freedom I am also giving away a copy of this book with the bookmark!

You should totally win this!

There are TONS of ways to enter:

*leave a comment - 1 entry

*mention the give-away on your blog or FB - 1 entry
(please mention it in the comments so I can enter you!)

*become a follower - 1 entry
(since this is my first give-away, all current followers are entered automatically!)

*bring me chocolates, flowers, books, clean my house... oh, no - not really those, just the first three.

You have an entire week to enter!
The deadline is Friday, July 8

The winner will be selected by