Sunday, July 3, 2011

{homemade tents = happiness}

I remember making tents with my sisters when I was growing up.
Something about a homemade tent in the living room is just happy.
I was totally happy when I got home on Friday to see this masterpiece . . .

India and her friends are genius!
Our tents were typically smallish.  Mine were particularly small because I didn't like to take them apart and put the blankets away so I thought in advance: smaller tent = smaller clean-up.  
Lazy of me.  This would've been so worth it.

That India is one creative girl.  
 Blankets, chairs, yarn and safety pins = a tent masterpiece.
It was even bigger and better but I didn't take pictures until Saturday morning after they had begun to disassemble.  Talented tent makers AND responsible cleaner-uppers!

I adore these precious girls!

Happy summertime memories in a tent to last a lifetime.

Happy 4th of July week!  There's still time to enter.

{a big breakfast}

Birthday's are a big subject around here.
Saturday = Elder Smith's birthday.

I decided to make Strawberry Stuffed French Toast in keeping with our tradition of a big birthday breakfast.  Not my brightest idea.  

I've only had them once and NEVER made them by myself.  My sisters were there to basically do the cooking the first time.  Years ago.  Many, years ago.  They were so delicious that I never forgot that taste.

Preparing food for others ALWAYS makes me nervous.  I must have been delusional when I bought those ingredients.  Did I think I was Superwoman shopping that day or something?  I did a great job of fooling myself and didn't decide to get nervous about it until the night before.  The nerves really hit as I began to mix the filling before going to bed.  I told myself that I would sleep better if the filling were ready and waiting in the fridge.  Didn't work.  I didn't sleep much that night and woke up at 6:15 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. breakfast.  Yep, not my brightest idea.

I shouldn't have been too worried since I had the perfect recipe!
It really is the perfect recipe because I thought it was delicious after I made it but my nerves were in high gear for a couple of hours until everyone started to eat.  Nothing I did, trust me.  I started praying for that food long before anyone sat down to eat it.

I was happy that they didn't look too miserable.

They started going back for seconds and I almost forgot that cooking stresses me out. 

The "big breakfast" probably made it sound like I was preparing a smorgasbord.  Nope.  Just Stuffed French Toast, sausage, and milk.  I want to be a divine hostess with beautiful dishes displayed on every open space but I can't get passed the stress mode.

The "big breakfast" simply refers to the quantity of people coming to breakfast.  In the end, we had 16 people together.  I will never open a restaurant.   I'll be making more Stuffed French Toast for the next birthday and I'll probably still be super nervous but never a restaurant.

Soon, I'll show you how to make a homemade ice cream cake.
It's delicious and not stressful at all!