Monday, July 4, 2011

{Happy 4th of July}

India's darling shoes: crafted at the last minute by herself from our spare ribbon
India's shirt: last year, Justice
India's denims: thrifted $4.99
My shirt: bought a previous year at Forever 21 - $8.80
My skirt: thrifted - $3.99
My shoes and accessories - mine for many years
Raja's prop: me

I love the 4th of July.  I love our country.
My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of our devoted heroes - the many wonderful men and women in our armed forces.  Thank you for serving us.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for keeping us safe and free.  I also appreciate the sacrifices made by your families.  I am indebted.

From my sweet missionary in Argentina today:
I love you all and have a great Independence Day. This morning, I was looking all over for an American Flag and couldn't find one anywhere. So, I opened up my new Spanish dictionary to the page with the flags of the world and took a picture of the U.S. Flag and zoomed in with my camera and looking at the little picture that I had there I was able to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem.

Freedom is a Miracle, enjoy reading about it all summer

{up on the roof top}

I received this picture of my missionary today.
I felt happy and excited when I saw it!  I did not feel surprised.  Elder Moore has always been a climber.  I found him on top of the refrigerator when he was 16 months old.  I don't know how he got on top of the refrigerator any more than I know how he got on top of that building.  

I always love receiving Nolan's emails, however there is just something special about brothers writing each other.

Dear Keaton,
   I'm so proud that you did so well on your ACT. it's all good that you used my bike. Have fun. be safe. I can now do the Rubik's cube 5x5. I traded my 3x3 for a 5x5, and have now mastered it. Have fun at EFY. They have some good music this year (I already have the CD). it's not the best that they've ever had, but it's not bad. I really like the song that's kind of country, it almost sounds like Taylor Swift. it's pretty cool. we baptised 4 this week. it was certainly one of the highlights of my mission. we baptised an entire family. the Bishop was also really pleased, and said that it was the first family that they've baptised in years. that made me feel really good. the father has already read half of the Book of Mormon. a member decided to try and race him, and he just took off reading. Have a great Day, and Enjoy EFY. I love you and am proud of all your great efforts. the church is true. when I came on the mission, I said that I knew that the church was true and I did know. but I now know even more surely. there was no doubting then, but there is even less doubting now. The Gospel changes people. I love you. Have a great week. enjoy EFY, and learn a lot. feel the spirit.
                                    All My Love,
                                                  Elder Moore