Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{gator country}

Seriously.  Official, authentic Gator Country is an hour away.

The alligator is Big Al.  The guy is crazy.  
{Notice his feet . . . above the ground.  Don't you agree?}

Sir Thomas & India took a few friends to visit Gator Country in all it's Independence Day HEAT.

T- shirt: Quick hands or no hands 
 hmmm, no hands near alligators seems like a reasonable plan.

India is so sweet, she loves everything.  But even snakes? 

Turns out, the snake is a 'she' and her name is Banana.  
{I won't mention who's feet are in the background since I don't know how his mom feels about extra large snakes slithering near her son but the tie is a little hint and I'm guessing he likes snakes.}

She really DOES love everything!  An alligator!  Even baby alligators have teeth.  *shudder*

My favorite is below.  Since she didn't know "his" name, she named him Bernie.
I think he liked it.   

I'm so glad they didn't try to wrestle the live alligators!

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{very different 4th}

We've NEVER had a year without fireworks!  It's just too dry.
Technically, WE do have some fireworks at home - it's Texas you know - but not a chance we would light them this year.  Fines. Fires. Jail.  No fireworks.

AND, the boys are in San Antonio attending EFY {Especially For Youth}

Patriotism and Independence Day celebration were not a problem with these darling faces!