Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{home alone}

I love being a mother.  It's my favorite job in the whole world.  I'll never do anything I love more.  Growing up, I dreamed of being a wife and mother and my dream came true!  I also dreamed that I would have more children. 8+ sounded so nice.  My dream became four children and a few heartbreaks that didn't last for long.  Four children is a lovely dream too and I'm so glad they're mine. 

When my children were young, and busy, and loud, and rough, and had a million pets I daydreamed about quiet.  Actually, I daydreamed about clean and quiet.  I still wanted to be a mother forever but an afternoon of quiet just sounded so delicious.  In my stressed out moments I would daydream about what I would do with an entire afternoon to myself.   In my ultimately overwhelmed moments I would go so far as to daydream about a get-away all by myself in a hotel for a night.  Clean, quiet, peaceful.  It never became a reality.  The daydream would get me through the moment and the hotel would long be forgotten.  I would be happy again with the noise and chaos that were my home.

This afternoon, I'm home alone.  The boys are in San Antonio.  India is at a movie with friends.  
It's so quiet.  My daydream was way over-rated.  
The house just seems empty and I miss my children - my friends.

Just this morning India had me taking pictures of Raja in her sunglasses.  Wonderful use of time.

I'm glad she's not gone for long now but what will I do when she really grows up?

Without Keaton & Landon around no one is getting thrown in the pool with their clothes on.
You can tell from Grant's smile that he volunteered.  Such a great friend to make their dream come true! 
Apparently all guys think it's a great idea - why else would he volunteer?

No one has been tackled either!  I haven't experienced a single practical joke all week.

I'm glad this isn't going to last for long!  I'm loving this summer.  I look forward to the fall and returning to our homeschool schedule.  Nolan coming home.  I love being a mother.
Although in the back of my mind I wonder what I'll be when all my afternoons are like today.  I'll be a mother forever but someday they'll grow-up and leave home.  I'm not daydreaming about clean and quiet nearly as much!  On the bright side, not too long ago Keaton told me I could homeschool all the grandkids.  
Being a mother is the best.  Oh, how I love my children.

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