Thursday, July 14, 2011

{the cutest little company}

I had the cutest little company this week.  My fabulous sister, Jill, came for a visit and brought her darlings to be our pool guests.  I have a few other fabulous sisters that live locally and they were also able to contribute some super adorable kids to the fun.

My kids were the BIG kids at this rendezvous.  I've never been a strong swimmer so I'm extra glad that India is AND she lets the little ones jump to her.

I also love that they trust her enough to jump!  Floaties are not to be trusted like a "grown-up" cousin.

Sometimes, I miss my kids being little but these little kids are glad mine are big.  Landon was the source of endless entertainment . . . it was hard to know when they would need all those floating devices because he could make them fly above water and below water.  

 These little kids say the funniest things!  Bryn is 3-years old and Bryn is adorable.  She was displaying some serious talent . . .

After being super brave and floating on her back while kicking at the same time {very impressive} she sat up, looked at me and said, "Take off your glasses!"  

I couldn't resist: "Why do you want me to take off my glasses?"

Bryn has all the right answers so she said, "So you can SEE ME!"

True talent does deserve an audience.

I lost the glasses so I wouldn't miss her great talent.  {Then, we had to make fish faces.}

The cutest little faces were in my backyard!

Okay, so Keaton isn't little but he has a gorgeous face in my opinion and this is my blog . . .
Cliche but it seems like it was just yesterday he fit IN the floatie.

One more funny story but you need to know something first - I have an agreement with Jill.  We NEVER post potentially un-favorite pictures without permission.  I have a SUPER cute picture of Jill jumping off the diving board but she hasn't seen it yet so I'm not going to post it until she approves.

Jill is ever so fabulous - she jumped off the diving board.  That's proof.  Her kids saw her and marvelled. In case you didn't know, Jill has 6 kids.  When you have 6 kids, I'm guessing it's nice for said kids to think you're cool at some point.  She's always cool and today they noticed!

After she jumped off the diving board, went under water and resurfaced her kids jaws were hanging open.  So awesome!  Of course, Jill was all smiles out there in the deep end as she ever so gracefully headed towards the pool edge.  It looked effortless.  

So effortless that one of her kids said, "ARE YOU TOUCHING THE BOTTOM??"
Oh, happy day when a mother can be 10 foot tall and bullet proof in her children's eyes!

The cutest little company!

Yay!  It's late but I emailed Jill the picture and asked for her blessing . . . she said, "YES"
I told you she was fabulous!

{Christmas in July}

I love Christmas so much - most people wouldn't be surprised if I was already decorating.  For the record, I'm not!  Although it is so tempting.  We did decide to draw names and that made it feel like Christmas in July.  

With 49 people in the Sellers family it's kinda important that we exchange names.  {My brother and sister-in-law announced they're having another one . . . 50 and counting!}

There were actually 33 of us at my parent's Sunday evening.  Definitely a good time to draw names.  Why couldn't I get everyone in a picture?  I'm already excited for Christmas.  AND Nolan will be home this year!  If pictures had sound you would need ear plugs to view this event.  However,  Christmas is exponeniently more chaotic thrilling! 

{Thank you iPhone for always being there.}

{the giggles}

Grandma + Cousins + Summer . . . so many wonderful memories.

Sometimes I would stay the night with my grandma when I was growing up.  She made the best Kool-aid ever.  I think it had something to do with the fact that every time she made it for me she would sing her fabulous Kool-aid song . . . "Kool-aid, Kool-aid taste great.  Wish I had some, can't wait!"  

She's never been old or boring. {Remember Survivor?} Today, at 89 years and 10 months, she's still the best!

Tonight, India and two of her darling cousins are living my wonderful has-been life.  
 These beautiful girls are staying the night with their very fabulous great-grandma.  

I'm a bit like my Grandma.  We both have a healthy dose of vanity.  

As soon as I pulled out the camera she objected to pictures. normal.  I insisted.  normal.  She went to comb her hair.  normal.  Then she insisted I not get any pictures of her feet.  normal.  She really does say that everytime. "You're not going to get any pictures of my feet are you?  Don't you get my feet."  She never wants pictures taken of her bare feet.  I love her so much I {almost} always comply.

It was all so perfect.  She fidgeted with her clothes and then told me not to put these pictures where everyone would see them.  I hope she's too nice to be mad at me.  That, or perhaps you could not tell her I did?  

I love her. {I also love these pictures.}

I absolutely adore this picture.

The gigles were inevitable.

 India told Grandma that she needed a REAL smile . . . and then she tickled her.

Grandma started giggling and it was contagious.  The giggling grew.  We couldn't stop! Our stomachs hurt and our eyes watered.  She said, "You'd better quit taking pictures, I'm libel to break your camera." normal.  Why does she say such things?  No one has ever broken a camera by looking at it.  I'm telling you, I get my vanity from her.  
I wish I could get some of her better qualites too.  She's so Christ-like.

Seriously, the giggles wouldn't stop. 

 Oh, the effort to get one serious picture.  I like the giggling pictures but Grandma does try to be proper.