Friday, July 22, 2011

{You dirty dog! - Friday's Funny Stuff}

Welcome to Friday's Funny Stuff!

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." - e.e. cummings

I start laughing just when I think about the fact that we own 5 dogs!  That is funny.  Especially for a girl who NEVER wanted to get her hands stinky and dirty by petting one.  Maybe owning 5 dogs should just be embarrassing but I'll risk admitting it and laugh at myself.

Growing up, Nolan thought he would die if he didn't get to own his own dog.  February 14th - many years ago - he got a chance to live!  He bought "Lady" for $20 with his own money.   
{I'm guessing you're surprised that he's wearing a Harry Potter hat??}

Our kids have almost always bought their own pets if they wanted something other than free.  It helped them prove they were responisble enough to take care of them.  It's worked for us.

Lady grew a bit and so did Nolan.  {Cats envy this dog.  She has outlived far more than 9 lives.}
This dog and her boy were separated in September of 2009 when Nolan left to serve a mission in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.

If my memory is correct . . . his outdoor-living dog has not had a bath since he left!  Until yesterday . . .

Isn't India wonderful?  It was SO hot and that dog was SOOOO stinky!  Kinda wish she wasn't bathing her next to the pool . . . oh, well.

I didn't grab the camera in time to get the soapy, lathered up look but I still got the action shots . . .
Oh, Lady, you dirty dog!

India even brushed out her fur!  Lady looks like she's in heaven.

My kids have lots of experience bathing dogs . . .
. . . one of Bear's many baths . . .

 . . . but my all time favorite was when I found Keaton and Landon bathing "Duke"

The background: Keaton saved his money for months to buy a Golden Retriever.  Duke was another outside-living stinky dog and Keaton and Landon wanted to bring him in the house.  They knew I would NEVER go for that but they were so clever and handsome and they had a plan.

"Mom, if we bathe Duke can we bring him in the house for a little bit?"
With a plan like that, I was a push-over and I agreed.  I got what I deserved.

A bit later, I walked in the house and smelled REEKING WET DOG!

I followed my nose and found them in all their dog bathing glory!

Somehow they failed to mention their intentions to bathe him in the house.

How could I get upset at that?  Yep, my favorite stinky dog-bathing moment.

It's a good thing my kids are hard workers and willing to bathe these stinky dogs.
They've now bathed ALL 5 dogs this week.  Hurray!

 {Sadly, Duke was stolen a few years ago and an eye witness tried to stop the dognappers without success.  So sad but we have 5 dogs yet again.}

I can't end my "Friday's Funny Stuff" on a sad note nor do I want to forget about my kid's cat-loving moments . . .

See you next Friday with Moore funny stuff!

Now, I double-dog-dare you to go bathe 5 dogs.