Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Things I learned when I had seven kids}

Seven kids!  That was one of the happiest, craziest and best times of my life!  It was also SUPER hard.
I might have mentioned before that I wanted a BIG family.  I'm forever grateful for that little taste of sweet insanity.

A quick Moore family review: We had just survived Hurricane Rita when we jumped into a tornado of a good time . . . we were blessed with the opportunity to add three little brothers {ages 1, 2, and 3 years!} to our family of four biological kids.  We were willing to sign up for FOREVER . . . adoption hopeful. 
The yard was still a disaster zone but we were excited . . .
My heart still breaks when I think about the day they left.  I don't want to place my children up for adoption so I understand why their biological mother wouldn't want to either.  But my heart still breaks.  
For a little while, they were mine . . .
Today is "Tyson's" birthday.  I've really been thinking about him . . . missing him . . . and trying to remember the lessons I learned.
{Celebrating "Tyson's" 3rd birthday a few years ago} 

We wouldn't be the family we are today without these little guys.  I wouldn't be the mother I am.  So, today, I just wanted to remember the good times . . . even though it made me cry.

I'm still so grateful for the journey!  I'm also happy.  Happy I took the chance.  Happy I got to love seven kids.  Happy that I survived . . . because it was HARD.  But I think happy and grateful - that's what I am!  They are so beautiful.

He was just a little sad that his brother wasn't willing to share.  Happily, two phones solved his problem!

So, what did I learn?

* This life is so much shorter than we think it is.  Live with intention.

I live each day totally differently than I did before. It was fun but it was also really hard.  In the end, I knew I would have done so much better if I'd realized how little time I would have.  At the end of my life I can imagine me saying, "Please, give me one more chance!  I think I've got it now. I promise I'll do so much better!  I didn't know it would go so fast."

* Enjoy the moment.

I still idolize a clean house a little too much.  I don't care that there are so many toys and so much clutter in those pictures now.  Some things - most things - can wait.  

* People are more important than things.

 I knew this before but I live it more now.  Broken table?  I think tables are highly over-rated anyway.  

* It's the "hard" that makes it great.

I have a lot of sayings.  This is one of them.  Look back over your life. What moments stand out?  My brightest moments are brighter because I did something hard to get there.

Today has been enlightening.  Wow! I wouldn't be me without some hard things . . . like losing three children one day.  

This journey of "becoming me" is a little easier because I've done hard things.  But mostly because I already learned a thing or two about love from seven kids and one fabulous Sir Thomas.

{P.S.  The little boys are living with their great-grandmother and we still have contact with them!}