Thursday, August 4, 2011

{head teenager}

Lately, I've begun to wonder about my parenting style.  Is it a bit unconventional?  It is, isn't it?!
I wonder when I'll be grown-up and know everything.  I feel like I'm supposed to act grown-up and be the expert.

I'm the parent, I'm supposed to know things.  And have rules.  And be strict.  And . . . lots of other things.
My biggest problem is that I don't feel grown up.

My wonderful Grandma - she knows everything.  When I was a little girl she would tell me that she didn't feel any older than she had when she was a teenager.  She just looked older on the outside but inside . . . she felt like a teenager.  That sure sounded interesting to me.
{She looks amazing in a candy apple red sports car!  Just sayin'}

When Nolan turned 18, I think I understood what she meant.  I was 17!  How could my son be 18 when I was only 17?  I still felt like a teenager myself.  I think I act like one too sometimes.  But not on purpose.
It gets worse.  Last week, Sir Thomas had a revelation.  I don't know what possessed him to have one but he certainly did.  For some reason his thought process was on turbo.  

He announced, "I just realized, I am older now than your parents were when we got married."

I know.  I had to think about that one.  So glad he's almost four years older than me.  It buys me a little time.  I'm still younger than they were . . . for now.  

So, my parents were 42 and Sir Thomas is celebrating 44 this month.  Yep, that was another interesting thought.
He hasn't ever outgrown his teenage antics.  He's taught our boys so he would have accomplices.

{Case in point: The missionaries mail is delivered to our house.  Sir Thomas finds it irresistible at times.  Okay, so decorating one of the missionary's packages - from a girl - with lots of hearts on Valentine's Day before giving it to him IS juvenile. But funny.}
After pondering Sir Thomas's revelation, I'm beginning to have a few of my own . . .

My parents were just making it up as they went along - just like me!
I'm not the type to analyze my parent's parenting style - I've always known they were doing their best.  But, I did think they were the "Professionals" and somehow things were different for them.

When Landon pulls these kinds of stunts . . .
. . . I wonder if laughing is wrong.  Isn't he supposed to be in trouble?  Shouldn't I ground him?
Instead, I find myself laughing.  Laughing only encourages him.  How can I ground him when I'm laughing??

I'm glad he's good.  I'm glad all of my kids are good.  I admit that there have been times when I've been baffled because they obey me.  I think, "REALLY?"  They're doing what I say?  That's pretty cool!

Then I realize . . . THEY HAVE TO!!  I'M HEAD TEENAGER!
I know we're the parents but sometimes . . . I feel more like "head teenager" and teenagers really don't know everything.  Contrary to popular belief.  
It's all good though - Sir Thomas is head teenager with me!