Thursday, August 18, 2011

{show me the jimmer}

Coolest day in memorable history: today
Keaton and Jay are living right.  The stars aligned and shone down on those two boys today and they may be changed forever.  They met JIMMER FREDETTE.  Seriously.  I know.
Education Week totally increased in awesomeness by that chance meeting.  Jimmer had just finished a workout when the boys happened to run into him on the BYU campus.  {Sacramento can't have him all the time.}
The good news . . . they didn't pass out!!  Perhaps a little hyper-ventilating and total loss of all mental faculties that would have allowed them to get a picture but the short conversation and handshake were a little bit of a BIG deal.

The consensus:
He's a really nice guy.
He's a lot bigger than he looks on TV.
It's even cooler to meet him in person than you imagined.

May I admit that I'm a tad jealous?  Honestly, if only one of us could meet him . . . I'm glad it was Keaton.  BUT, I'm a little jealous.

Little known fact about me:
I LOVE basketball.  Really!  I love basketball as in I purchased an extra "package" for three months on DirectTV this past year just so I could watch all of Jimmer's games.  I loved basketball before Jimmer.  I love it more now. Sometimes I'm the only one in my house watching - but basketball, I thank you for being MY game.

So . . . . THANK YOU Jimmer for being fabulous!  Thanks for getting a little of your super cool sweat on Keaton & Jay.  Thanks for being at the right place at the right time today.

Just so you know - Keaton and Jimmer have the same birthday.  February 25th.
The split second meeting was destiny.
The whole day was pretty good.  They got to spend some time with their friend from back home, Adam.  He's up here visiting his cousins.  Good timing there too don't you think! They weren't hyper-ventilating around him so I think they're back to normal.