Monday, August 29, 2011

{moore favorites}

Oh how time flies.  I'm still savoring Education Week.  I'm also trying to juggle reality.  

A million thanks to all who have asked about my blog and/or told me they've missed it!  You have made me feel so loved!  I'm excited to have 25 "followers" . . .  it was oh so extra nice to know there are other people out there that stop by too.  I {heart} you!

So . . . . . . . . let me super fasssst forward through a few things to get myself up to date and then I'll be fresh to start blogging again.

We have so many favorite people!  We are lucky like that.  India has been enjoying some fabulous time with a fabulous friend.

This world is a better place because some incredibly fabulous people are in it.  I already mentioned a few former missionaries that are on our favorites radar.  You need to know about some moore favorites - I'll start with "Elder" Brandon Packer.  He is only one of our favorite people on the planet!
I love this guy!  He is so awesome!  He served a mission in our area 5+ years ago.  It was so exciting to catch up with him at Education Week.  I really needed some pictures from back in the day - Keaton was much smaller then. Sorry though, I'm too tired to find them tonight.  Please use your imagination.

Brandon only ran across campus to attend class with me.  No big deal.  I wasn't feeling special or anything.  Okay.  I was!  He absolutely has a way of making everyone feel special.  He also insists on making crazy fun faces in his pictures . . . maybe that's why my kids like to do that!  He's LEGIT!
 Isn't she adorable?!?!
 She belongs to these fabulous people . . .
"Elder" Nick Shore served in our mission 10(+) years ago.  He is definitely a moore favorite!  I haven't seen him since his mission and it was so fabulous to see him, meet his family, and enjoy a wonderful evening catching up. I'm so glad we've stayed in touch over the years.  I adore his wife, Carri - he married well.  He deserved to.  I don't think he even knows how amazing he is.  Trust me, he is.

Nick and his companion, Elder Cole, are in my debt forever.  Ten years ago those boys would eat Sunday dinner at our house and after dinner they would sit and talk about the Book of Mormon.  It really came alive as we all discussed the things we were reading and my sweet Nolan would sit at the table and listen.  Nolan was only 10 years old but it made him want to read it himself.  He has read everyday since then and it changed his life.  Who knew that the missionaries were converting the members?  They are definitely favorites!

So, my short blog is now my long blog.

Among other things . . .
We celebrated Sir Thomas' birthday!

Enjoyed the first day of school!

Keaton and Landon are SO different but I think they are more alike than we realized . . . check out the head tilt!  Sweet!
 *Interesting fact: at birth they both weighed 7 lbs. 7 ozs., were 19" long, had a thick head full of hair . . . they pretty much looked like the same baby 20 months apart.

Somehow, some of them don't care as much about how they look on the first day any more.
We also started - and finished - reading Michael Vey.  The kids wouldn't let me put it down.  I highly recommend it! And that is the last moore favorite for today.